PayPal Offering Working Capital To Business Account Holders

Well-known for its online payment processing, PayPal™ is now venturing into the world of working capital funding for businesses. The new financing program is geared towards small business owners and publicized as an alternative to traditional bank loans. We have been using PayPal™ here at Factoring Investor to accept payments online in the Bookstore since we first started publishing our newsletter online in 2008. We are familiar with its ease of use and secure processing. The part that came as a surprise was their recent marketing email touting similar benefits to factoring invoices. Here is a quick excerpt: If you’ve been thinking about growing your business with PayPal™ Working Capital, we’re here to help. It’s easier funding for … [Read more...]

Accounts Receivable Factoring – An Alternative Funding Option For Small Businesses

Because of their lack of financial sophistication and size, today's small businesses continue to face the hardships brought on by current economic challenges. Many firms struggle to maintain their bank credit facilities, and securing a new line of credit or increasing a company's current limit is nearly impossible. So if the lending wells have dried up, what's a small business owner to do? Capitalize on the benefits of accounts receivables factoring. … [Read more...]

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Alternative Financing

What The Small Business Owner Must Know to Get Through These Financial Times! New Book Release by Karlene Sinclair-Robinson, Certified Cash Flow Consultant. Our current national financial situation makes it even harder for small businesses to qualify for bank financing. Balancing the scale in this arena is vital, but will it even out for you? … [Read more...]

Small Business Financing: Where To Go When Banks Say No?

Lending to small business was down a whopping 12.5 billion or 4.6% for the 7 months ending in November.  That sobering news comes from the Treasury Department's tracking of the 22 largest banks receiving bailout money. Of course these stats are no surprise to business owners.  Rebuffed by banks, they increasingly turn to factoring and purchase order financing for cash flow needs. The New York Times recently … [Read more...]