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Top 5 Factoring Articles for 2009

The results are in and our readers have spoken! Here are the 5 most read factoring articles for 2009. Make sure to review these timely topics as you make plans for your accounts receivable financing business in 2010. … [Read more...]


All Done! In a few short minutes you will be receiving (via email) your very own copy of The Factoring Hot List. You are also part of the Factoring Investor 'inner circle."   This entitles you to receive free weekly updates on what is going on in the factoring industry including special funder interviews and real world strategies to help you excel in the cash flow business. Until then, check out the site and be sure to visit a few of our sponsors that make this possible. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about a particular topic, don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you! All the best, Fred and Tracy Rewey, … [Read more...]

Factoring Conference and Workshop Schedule

Searching for training and networking in the accounts receivable factoring industry?  The International Factoring Association (IFA) has announced their conference and training courses for 2010. These training courses provide factoring brokers, funders, and investors opportunities for ongoing education and networking in the world of invoice factoring. Mark your calendars for these upcoming events: … [Read more...]

Why Yahoo Hot Jobs Names Factoring Broker as a Top 10 Profession for 2009!

A Factor you say! A what? Didn't you study those in algebra? While this career is fairly foreign to most folks, it is quickly becoming a very "Hot" opportunity, since bank loans are hard to come by. … [Read more...]

Handling Customer Questions About Factoring Invoices

Many companies that start using factoring often have questions regarding their customers. How will they be treated? What if they pay me directly? What do I tell them? Here are some common questions and helpful answers. … [Read more...]