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7 Questions for Factoring Business Networking

Networking through professional groups is a time proven way to develop factoring clients. But what do you say to complete strangers? It’s actually pretty simple to keep the conversation rolling if you use these seven questions. … [Read more...]

Back By Popular Demand – Factoring Webinar!

You asked for it and we got it! We have received a number of requests to rebroadcast the Attraction Marketing Webinar presented by Michael Ponomarew last month. … [Read more...]

Investor Spotlight: Working With AAA Factoring Group

AAA Factoring Group works with businesses and cash flow brokers to provide accounts receivable financing. Factoring Investor (FI) asked Duane Marchant, founder and president, to share some information on working with his company. … [Read more...]

Haitian Amputees and Small Businesses Get A Leg Up From AAA Factoring Group

Utah based factoring company AAA Factoring, which is owned by 71 year old amputee, helps small businesses get the financing they need to operate while pledging 5% of company profits to help Haitian amputees. MAY 4, 2010 -- CENTERVILLE, Utah -- AAA Factoring announced today that beginning June 1, 2010,  5% of the company profits will be donated to charities that help Haitian amputees that lost their limbs in the recent earthquake. The company is owned and operated by Duane H. Marchant who is an amputee himself.  Duane lost his right leg after a fluke accident and several failed surgical attempts to save his leg. … [Read more...]

What’s in Your Factoring Broker Package?

You know that feeling when you see something done right and want to share it with others? Well we found several "must have" factoring broker kits while … [Read more...]