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Grow Your Factoring Business with Participation

So you have this great factoring business and all of your efforts are starting to pay off.  Your marketing campaign is generating new leads and your existing clients are growing.  For most businesses this would be a dream come true.  Right? But what happens when your factoring company does not have enough cash to fund new invoices?  It’s almost as if you are in the same predicament as your clients.  You have new business but no capital to grow. One solution called Participation is a great way for you to keep your current book of business and fund new deals.  It’s actually quite simple and very effective for many factoring companies.  A participant can enter into an arrangement where they fund all or a portion of the factor’s invoices … [Read more...]

Busting Healthcare Factoring Myths

There are a lot of rumors that factoring is not an ideal payroll funding solution for healthcare staffing business owners and entrepreneurs. However, many of those rumors are a result of misinformation and poor staffing factoring research methods. This article will help debunk some of the more common factoring myths … [Read more...]