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Small Business Turns to Alternative Financing

While the demand for small business loans is up, a recent Federal Reserve survey shows the majority of banks are keeping credit tight. This is causing small business owners to turn to alternative financing options. The factoring industry is well-versed in how this need is fueling demand. Two recent articles in CNN Money covered the ongoing small business financing challenges and highlighted one possible solution... Merchant Card Advances … [Read more...]

Getting In the Factoring Business – Part Two

Three important questions you will want answered before starting a factoring business as a broker, consultant, or funding company. Over the last year I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of writing several articles for Factoring Investor on the topic of how you can get involved in the factoring business. … [Read more...]

Invoice Factoring: An Alternative Financing Option for Outsourced Medical Billing Companies

It’s no secret that vendors who sell to medical providers make great factoring candidates. Typical vendors who benefit from invoice factoring include: temporary medical staffing agencies, medical transcription services, janitorial companies, and even medical supply companies. All of these businesses routinely provide services and/or sell goods to medical providers and then have to wait weeks or months to be paid. However, there is another type of vendor that can benefit from invoice factoring that you may not know about—Outsourced Medical Billing Services. … [Read more...]

Factoring Industry Conference, News, and Updates

Here's your Factoring Industry Updates including the latest news and 2012 factoring conference schedules.  … [Read more...]