BP Oil Spills Into Factoring Services

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7 Questions for Factoring Business Networking

Networking through professional groups is a time proven way to develop factoring clients. But what do you say to complete strangers? It’s actually pretty simple to keep the conversation rolling if you use these seven questions. … [Read more...]

Back By Popular Demand – Factoring Webinar!

You asked for it and we got it! We have received a number of requests to rebroadcast the Attraction Marketing Webinar presented by Michael Ponomarew last month. … [Read more...]

Investor Spotlight: Working With AAA Factoring Group

AAA Factoring Group works with businesses and cash flow brokers to provide accounts receivable financing. Factoring Investor (FI) asked Duane Marchant, founder and president, to share some information on working with his company. … [Read more...]

Is a Factoring Career Right for You?

Earning $50,000 - $250,000 per year? Full-Time, Part-Time, or even Spare Time! Today's Credit Crisis can be Your Opportunity for Wealth! To say times are tough would be … [Read more...]

Top 5 Factoring Articles for 2009

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Bank Factoring or a Factoring Company?

A common question among companies is whether they should pursue bank factoring or deal with a company that specializes in factoring when deciding to sell account receivables. … [Read more...]

How To Make Money and Earn Fees in the Cash Flow Business!

Many people have heard about the cash flow industry but don't really know how the average person can profit from it. There are basically three methods for handling the fees paid to cash flow brokers or consultants, as follows: Referral Fee Establish Your Own Fee Set Commission Fee 1. Referral Fee Pros: Very Little Paperwork/Time. Cons: Typically smaller commissions. Cash Flows: Just about any cash flow can be "referred." The Referral Fee structure is the easiest, particularly if you already have a full time job and you have limited extra hours in the day. With the Referral Fee structure you simply find a deal and refer it on to a Funder or Master Consultant that accepts referrals. For the most part, you have no or … [Read more...]