Is Invoice Factoring Right for All Businesses?

So many authors, including myself, have written about the benefits of invoice factoring explaining how we help businesses in need of working capital. Just type something like, “benefits of invoice factoring” into your favorite search engine and you will find pages of articles telling you how factoring works and why it is the best solution for your business. As the owner of a factoring company I can definitely say that factoring is an extremely useful tool to help businesses grow by unlocking cash in the form of an account receivable. But is factoring a one fit all tool for all businesses to achieve growth? As a featured speaker and panelist at small business workshops over the last several years, I’m fortunate to be given the … [Read more...]

Tips For Starting a Small Business Factoring Company

Wondering how to start or grow a small business factoring company? Based on two decades of experience, Jeff Callender shares his tips for factors and brokers including why he prefers small invoices, how to avoid his biggest mistakes, and what he would do differently if he started all over again.  … [Read more...]

Factoring Invoices – Waking a Small Sleeping Giant

Not too long ago, the factoring industry was looked upon as a financing alternative for large commercial enterprises, … [Read more...]

Factoring Training for Small Business Funding

Working with small businesses receivables is a specialized segment of the factoring industry.  It's also lucrative! Less competition from the large factoring companies can equal more opportunity. Just ask Jeff Callender, founder of Dash Point Financial Services.  He went from start-up cash flow broker to small business factoring funder in just a few short years. Jeff generously shares his tips for success gained from real life experience.  In addition to his acclaimed Small Factors Book series, he provides workshop instruction at factoring trainings and association meetings. Here's a look at an upcoming workshop designed especially for small business factoring. International Factoring Association Presents: Small Factors … [Read more...]

When Do Factoring Companies Decline Invoice Financing?

Factoring companies have a well-earned reputation for providing cash flow solutions when banks say “No” to business financing. But there are times when even they turn down a request for factoring help. Improve your chances for approval by keeping four qualifiers in mind when courting receivable financing: … [Read more...]

Small Business Financing: Where To Go When Banks Say No?

Lending to small business was down a whopping 12.5 billion or 4.6% for the 7 months ending in November.  That sobering news comes from the Treasury Department's tracking of the 22 largest banks receiving bailout money. Of course these stats are no surprise to business owners.  Rebuffed by banks, they increasingly turn to factoring and purchase order financing for cash flow needs. The New York Times recently … [Read more...]

Handling Customer Questions About Factoring Invoices

Many companies that start using factoring often have questions regarding their customers. How will they be treated? What if they pay me directly? What do I tell them? Here are some common questions and helpful answers. … [Read more...]

Bank Factoring or a Factoring Company?

A common question among companies is whether they should pursue bank factoring or deal with a company that specializes in factoring when deciding to sell account receivables. … [Read more...]

Don’t Factor Your Receivables When.

Small business owners are no strangers to watching every dollar. When a customer is late to pay an invoice the business feels it. This leaves many owners losing sleep and making … [Read more...]

Attention Business Owners! Stop Being a Part-Time Banker for Your Customers

How many customers take longer than 30 days to pay on their invoices? Congratulations! Your business has just extended credit to your customers. You may not have thought about it this way, but you are now in the banking business. Even worse, you probably have the best rates in town. … [Read more...]