The Affordable Care Act May Boost Demand for Staffing Factoring

The Affordable Care Act will give an unprecedented number of previously uninsured consumers access to affordable health coverage and care. This has a number of implications for the temporary staffing industry, and will create opportunities for the savvy factoring professional to expand their business. Companies looking to minimize their healthcare costs, or avoid the employer mandate entirely, will need to manage their employees’ hours to stay below the 30-hours-per-week benchmark or reduce their full-time staff below 50. Temporary staffing allows companies in this situation to fill talent gaps without compromising their position, which is both boon and burden to the staffing agency. Factoring for temporary staffing provides solutions … [Read more...]

How Factoring Benefits Temporary Staffing Agencies

Temporary staffing has been a linchpin for recession recovery, representing approximately 14 percent of the nation’s job growth each month throughout 2013. As a result, temporary staffing agencies may feel the cash crunch of expanding recruitment and marketing efforts and meeting greater demands from their customers. For these agencies, invoice factoring is the ideal funding solution to keep them on solid financial footing. There are several benefits to factoring for temporary staffing agencies: Factoring is the most flexible financing option available to staffing agencies. Financial flexibility means they do not have to worry about submitting a minimum amount of invoices or hitting a monthly maximum. An agency can choose to factor as … [Read more...]

Now is the Time to Sell Temporary Staffing Factoring

Discover why recent US labor statistics reveal that now is an excellent time for brokers to sell temporary staffing factoring in this article from Nikki Flores of PRN Funding. Did you know that many experts look at transitions within the temporary staffing industry to help make predictions about the future of our country’s economy? The reason is because the temporary staffing industry is deeply intertwined with all facets of Corporate America. Allow me to elaborate… … [Read more...]

Factoring Your Temporary Staffing Accounts Receivables

Temporary Staffing companies play a key role in employment, and have helped reduce the overall unemployment numbers in the US over the past 6 months, even if their workers are employed on a short-term basis. However, temp staffing is one of the many small business sectors that have been affected by primary lenders who have been forced to tighten credit policies. … [Read more...]