Factoring Broker Training – Making the Most of 30 Seconds

Factoring Broker TrainingReady to market your factoring business? It’s time to perfect your intro with these…

Factoring Broker Training Tips!

One of the first marketing skills to master as a factoring broker is creating and delivering your personal 30-second infomercial.

No, we’re not talking about late night television. Rather it is your practiced introduction that lets people know what you can do for them!

Commonly called the “elevator speech,” it is the mainstay of networking groups and a must for any one-to-one marketing. A great elevator speech should generate quick interest from people that need your service or know someone that does. It should be short, direct, and ready to deliver with a friendly handshake and business card.

Jeff Callender, Owner of Dash Point Financial and Author of the Small Factor Series, shares four elevator speeches he has used in his factoring business:

Factoring Speech #1

“My company provides financing for very small-business owners who are turned away by banks. Instead of providing loans, we purchase our clients’ invoices for immediate cash which enables them to meet payroll, pay bills, accept larger customers, and many other business necessities.”

Factoring Speech #2

“My business supplies something every company needs: money! Our clients have invoices that take 30 days to pay, and we purchase their invoices with cash advances within 24 hours of the invoices being created. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses get started, grow quickly, and operate profitably.”

Factoring Speech #3

“I finance very small companies by buying their receivables at a small discount, as soon as their invoices are created. This enables my clients to increase their cash flow quickly, without generating debt. Our clients are small-business owners who have been turned down for bank loans.”

Factoring Speech #4

“My name is Jeff Callender, my company is Dash Point Financial Services, and I get paid to wait! My clients are very small-business owners who wait 30 days to receive payment from their business or government customers. I buy the rights to their payments, give them an up-front advance, and then wait for their customers to pay me. This enables my clients to give 30 day terms yet still get paid tomorrow.

Source: Small Factor Series by Jeff Callender Available in the Factoring Bookstore

Now take these ideas and personalize them for your business and targeted clients. Just remember these important points:

  • Make it benefits oriented
  • No more than 2-4 sentences.
  • Keep it 30 seconds or less.
  • Practice saying it out loud, before a mirror, and in front of friends and family until it rolls off your tongue with ease.

Over time you’ll develop several versions of your personal factoring broker commercial depending on the type of business contacts you are meeting.

Have your own favorite elevator speech? Please share in the comments section below!

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