Why Yahoo Hot Jobs Names Factoring Broker as a Top 10 Profession for 2009!

Factoring Hot Jobs ListA Factor you say! A what? Didn’t you study those in algebra?

While this career is fairly foreign to most folks, it is quickly becoming a very “Hot” opportunity, since bank loans are hard to come by.

By definition, Factoring allows small business to get funding based on their current accounts receivable. “It’s a huge business and, at a time when people can’t get other types of lending, factors are skilled experts at lending against accounts receivables” (says Joy Victory at Payscale.com). There has never been a better time than now to create another income stream by becoming a factoring broker.

If you are looking to supplement your income to meet household monthly expenses, mortgage payments, make greater contributions to your 401K, other retirement plans or seeking a career change, then this may be a perfect opportunity for you.

The great thing about brokering (finding companies in need of cash) for the Factor is you create residual income. This means you will be paid a commission on a monthly basis as a percentage of the fees collected by the Factor.

With the proper knowledge, training and support and with little or no experience in this industry one can learn in little than 24 hours how to implement and execute “The 3 Step Brokering Process”.

This simple process includes:

Step 1 – Finding the Prospect

Step 2 – Gathering 3 Items of Information for the Factor

Step 3 – Submitting the Information to the Factor

Once the process has been completed the Factor will then take over and conduct the necessary due diligence, communicate with the client and close the transaction. As a Factoring broker you can participate in as little or as much as you wish in the transaction. Most Factors are willing to pay full residual commissions to a broker who simply finds a qualified prospect and introduces that prospect to the Factor.

Want to learn more about how you can participate in this explosive opportunity?

We invite you to do a little scratching beneath the surface and join us for a 45 minute Complimentary Webinar hosted by The Finance Institute and sponsored by Millennium Funding and Business Accelerator Inc. It doesn’t hurt to educate yourself… nor does it hurt to talk with Industry Practitioners to get all the facts. You may really like what you see, and it may open new paths in your mind to a new way of business.

This webinar will take place on Monday, March 1st at 9:00 p.m. (EST) – Click the banner below to register.


  1. please let me know when the next webinar on factoring will be. Thank you

    • Hello Pedro! The next factoring accounts receivable webinar will be held on February 9th. For access just click the banner link on the home page at http://www.factoringinvestor.com. You can also sign up online for our free newsletter and automatic updates delivered straight to your email in box.

      All the best,

      Tracy Z. Rewey

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