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*****Webinar Completed…stay tuned for another!****

Free Webinar – “Creating Positive Cash Flow – When the Bank says No!”

When: January 29, 9:00pm – 10:00pm (EST)

Two words: Cash Flow.

In these economic times it is not only survival of the fittest, it is also survival of the smartest. Cash Flow is your lifeblood. It can be the difference of making payroll or even keeping the lights on; and your bank may not be much help in 2009.

Fortunately there are realistic alternativesfor businesses being utilized every day. Strategies that not only keep you going during these times, but may also help you expand. But first, you need to know all your options.

Here is the great part

You can have free access to an informational webinar about alternative financing, factoring, and turning outstanding invoices into cash.

Whether you have a current financial business need, want to learn more about your options, or just want to find another way to make more money, **sign up here.**

Learn first hand from the source on how thousands of businesses are staying ahead of the pack (and their competitors).

What do you have to lose?

Nothing. The Webinar is Free! What if your business could become recession proof?

Don’t delay and make 2009 your best year ever!

*****Webinar Completed…stay tuned for another!****


  1. need simple stupid proof system

  2. I missed it. Can you send me a link to access it? Thanks!

  3. Hello! The Webinar hosted by Millennium Funding is not currently archived at this site but if you need more information please feel free to contact Mike Ponomarew at Thanks for the comments.

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