Haitian Amputees and Small Businesses Get A Leg Up From AAA Factoring Group

Utah based factoring company AAA Factoring, which is owned by 71 year old amputee, helps small businesses get the financing they need to operate while pledging 5% of company profits to help Haitian amputees.

MAY 4, 2010 — CENTERVILLE, Utah — AAA Factoring announced today that beginning June 1, 2010,  5% of the company profits will be donated to charities that help Haitian amputees that lost their limbs in the recent earthquake.

The company is owned and operated by Duane H. Marchant who is an amputee himself.  Duane lost his right leg after a fluke accident and several failed surgical attempts to save his leg.

AAA Factoring helps small business meet their operating expenses and immediate needs for funding through accounts receivables factoring.  More businesses are seeking alternative funding choices as banks have tightened their credit criteria, thus making it more challenging for many businesses to get traditional business loans.

“The ongoing business and financial climate combined with the recent earthquake in Haiti have created challenging circumstances for many businesses and individuals.  This is a unique time for businesses to help individuals impacted by recent events,” said Marchant, President of AAA  Factoring.

Company profits of 5% will be donated to charitable organizations that help amputees for at least the remainder of 2010 and possibly beyond.

About AAA Factoring Group:

AAA Factoring (www.aaafactoring.com) is a business factoring company that helps businesses with alternative financing solutions- nationwide.  Accounts receivable are factored to provide businesses with immediate short term cash flow to operate, sustain, and grow their business. You may contact Duane H. Marchant, President, by phone at 801-292-1220 or by email at duane@aaafactoring.com.


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