Marketing Apps and Tools to Help Your Invoice Factoring Business Soar

app tools factoring businessLet’s face it – sometimes your marketing strategy can take the back seat when it comes to building and growing a small business. This can be especially true for invoice factoring companies, in which often times, employees wear more than one hat. Whether your marketing team is one person or ten, these tools are sure to help you expand your marketing operations and increase brand awareness.


It’s impossible nowadays to market your business without social media. However, the amount of social media tools we’re now expected to keep up with can be overwhelming. Lighten your load with a tool like Hootsuite, which is a social-media management system. With Hootsuite, you have the capability to maintain and schedule posts for all of your accounts from one, single dashboard. From your dashboard, you can also engage with your users as well as review your social media analytics. Multiple users can be added, therefore making it super easy for anyone on your marketing team to post or make updates. Being able to ‘listen’ to what your audience is saying about you and your brand in one location makes it super convenient to be consistently active on social media, as well as notice any trends.


When it comes to establishing a memorable brand, show, don’t tell. Canva is a free tool that lets you easily create appealing designs for social media. They have different templates for different platforms (Facebook and Instagram, for example) where the required dimensions for each are already integrated into the blank canvas. Upload your own photos, add text with multiple fonts—you name it! Canva even offers a “design school,” which offers articles such as, “50 Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips to Make You a Better Designer.” It’s fun to play with and offers the ability to create visually engaging and distinct, unique content. Research has shown that visual content gets more likes and shares than information without, so why not get a leg up on competition?

MailChimp / Constant Contact

If you are using Outlook or a very generic email system to send out marketing blasts, you’re doing it wrong. Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are two very popular email marketing management platforms that allow you to upgrade your email game. You can customize templates, create targeted lists, schedule multiple emails ahead of time and even gain specific insight about your subscribers via analytics. Getting feedback and understanding what content is landing with your audience is crucial to future marketing campaigns. It will save you time, effort and money if you know what subjects or offers get opened instead of deleted.
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Pinterest is another dashboard that you can virtually ‘pin’ things to that can be used both internally and for clients. For example, you can create a ‘board’ for your clients named “Factoring Resources” that would link them to resources via your website and/or social media. This conveniently stores subjects of the same matter on the same board. They can ‘re-pin’ ideas to their own boards—spreading and sharing your valuable content. Internally, you can have secret boards for marketing resources or social media ideas. (Personally, people use them for collecting all sorts of things such as recipes, interior design inspiration, wedding planning and even tattoo ideas!) Pinterest combines a visual element, along with LOTS of different ‘answers’ and is on its way to surpassing Google as the go-to search engine. Remember when we mentioned that visual elements yield greater results? When someone searches “Best Chicken Parmesan Recipe” on Pinterest, suddenly they can see which result looks most appealing, and therefore, which one they’d most like to try. With Google, they have to individually click through each one. Additionally, if you have a board titled “Best Invoice Factoring Articles,” you can continually just add to the board, instead of trying to remember when and where you bookmarked it. Pinterest is a virtual idea, inspiration, learning, resource and sharing warehouse; however you use it, it’s a powerful tool to keep your business moving forward.

Evernote/ Trello

Like Pinterest, Evernote and Trello are dashboards (noticing a trend?) however; they are a little bit more in-depth organization and collaboration tools. Both tools allow multiple team members to post and have features that allow you to keep track of to-do items, notes, work(s) in-progress, projects, comments or feedback and checklists. These programs, which can sync between desktop and mobile, allow individuals or teams to look at the “big-picture” and stay on-task.

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