What’s in Your Factoring Broker Package?

You know that feeling when you see something done right and want to share it with others?

Well we found several “must have” factoring broker kits while researching our updates for the 2010 Factoring Directory.

And the best part is I’m going to tell you where to download two of them today for free!

At a minimum a factoring broker kit should:

  1. Detail the types of accounts receivables a factor will buy
  2. Outline the minimum qualifications for a business seeking invoice factoring
  3. Provide the application for registering as a factoring broker

But sometimes a company goes a step further by providing that little something extra to help you succeed as a factoring consultant. They know if you find more deals, then together you can both make more money helping clients find working capital. These additional resources include:

  • Where to Find Factoring Prospects and Referral Sources
  • How to Answer a Business Owner’s Objections to Factoring
  • Sample Marketing Brochures
  • Scripts for Contacting Business Owners

So, where do you find two of the factoring broker packages that meet and exceed our expectations? Just follow these links:



These broker packages are like mini “how-to” factoring help courses for finding and developing clients.

Looking for more great resources, factoring services, and funders? Be sure to grab your copy of the new 2010 Factoring Directory.


  1. We have been factoring brokers for seven years starting with the American Cash Flow Association and now very active in the International Factoring Association. Both the firms mentioned above were helpful to us in the getting our firm started.

    Going forward we find that there are two particularly key characteristics of a factor from a broker’s perspective: first, do they treat you seriously…a no is fine as long as they respond quickly because in this business timing is everything…second, what is their compensation level and do they allow even deeper relationships like participation?

    We have written a number of articles on our direct experiences in our blog accountsreceivablefactoring.me. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to share experiences.

  2. I have been looking into http://www.corefundcapital.com for their factoring services, what is the difference?

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