Factoring Top Ten Bundle

Looking for the “Top 10” illusions, benefits, key points, and questions when it comes to factoring invoices? This bundle of 7 eBooks provides keen insight into factoring that every newcomer must learn, and every veteran will appreciate.

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Top 10 Insight Factoring Prospects

Top 10 Insights about Factoring Prospects 

Questions to Ask and Truisms to Remember When Considering Potential Clients

Choosing which prospects to approve and which to decline is one of the most important decisions you make as a factor.

These 10 insights provide a perspective and understanding of just where you really do (and don’t) want to invest your money and time.

Filled with short and memorable maxims that will make you nod in agreement and even smile, this is extremely valuable information any factor needs to remember when viewing every new application, and every broker consultant needs to understand before making any referral.


Top 10 Illusions about Risk and Loss 

Faulty Assumptions for Factors and Brokers to Avoid

Everyone knows that factoring, while providing a remarkable return on investment, also includes risk and the chance for serious loss. But not everyone, especially newcomers, realize potential pitfalls that too often lurk below the surface.

This valuable ebook will help you detect hidden dangers and potential risks you might not otherwise recognize. By being attuned to them, you can save yourself a bundle in headaches, hassles, lost time, and of course, lost money.


Top 10 Statements You Never Want to Hear 

Unwelcome Words for Factors From or About Their Clients

Guaranteed to elicit a few groans of agreement from experienced factors and appreciative acknowledgment from newbies, this ebook is a lesson in the old adage, forewarned is forearmed.

When you hear any of these statements from or about your clients, you will be better prepared to take your best course of action. Another well-written, enjoyable ebook.


10 Key Points to Look for in Factoring Software 

Anyone considering the purchase of factoring software will benefit from reading this ebook. Aside from clients accounts themselves, buying the software to track your accounts is one of the biggest investments your factoring company will make.

A poor choice can cost you untold hours of wasted time, dissatisfaction from your clients, and thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenditures not to mention potential business losses due to insufficient A/R tracking. This ebook will help whether you are…

  • just starting out and are not yet using factoring software
  • using spreadsheets and feel the need to step up to a more powerful, time-saving data base
  • unsatisfied with the factoring data base software you’re currently using.

Top 10 Benefits Factoring

Top 10 Quotes on the Benefits of Factoring

Statements from Business Owners Who Factor Their Receivables

If you are a business owner who is considering using a factor to improve your cash flow, you probably already know factoring can help your business financially. But the services of a factor can provide more than just capital.

These Top 10 quotes from business owners shed light on some of these additional benefits of factoring. Read this ebook and see how several business owners, who were once in the same position you may be running your business, turned to factoring — and the difference it made.

Top 10 Factoring Misconceptions

Top 10 Misconceptions about Factoring

Assumptions and Perceptions That Just Aren’t True

Factoring has been an alternative financing tool for a very long time, and got its start in modern days in less than ideal conditions. As a result some people — especially financial professionals who should understand it better than they do — make assumptions about factoring that unfortunately are quite untrue. Worse, they pass these perceptions on to people who could benefit from factoring…or don’t even tell them about it at all.

Written by a person who’s worked in the industry for many years, this Top 10 ebook debunks these misconceptions and sets the record straight. If you want to cut through these incorrect assumptions about factoring and learn what it’s about from someone who really knows the business, this ebook is for you.


Top 10 Factoring Questions

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Factor

Essential Considerations to Find the Right Fit

If you are ready to look for a factor for your business (or have already started), you’ll find a lot of factoring companies out there — and each one is unique. Many will not be suitable for your needs, while others may be a great fit. Especially if you are in a particular business niche or your company is a certain size, many factors will not be able to fund you. However, if your business is truly “factorable,” there is no doubt a factor who will be quite ready to work with you. The trick is finding that company.

This Top 10 ebook gives excellent direction as to not only how to find a factor, but what to ask to be sure a particular factor is the right fit. The information in this ebook can save you many hours determining which factor to use. Read this ebook to get the right factor for your company as quickly and efficiently as possible.

About the Author: Jeff Callender began doing what this book teaches in 1994. He has written books and numerous articles, consulted, and been a public speaker to thousands of people about how to profitably factor small receivables. No one comes close to providing as much information on the subject as he has.

Order the ENTIRE Top 10 series for the low price of $31.00 (Save 10%)


Price: $31.00