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Directory of Factoring Companies and Service Providers – All New 2020 Edition

2020 Factoring Directory Cover, Factoring InvestorSearching for the right factoring company to finance your deals?

Sometimes it’s not only what you know, but who you know.

Knowing the right contacts not only makes things easier, it can also make you more money. Gain access to our personal Rolodex of experienced factoring funders and providers in this must-have directory updated for 2020.  Read More / Order…



The Factoring “Essentials” Bundle

The Factoring Essentials Bundle

The Factoring Essentials Bundle is where most people start. You get an amazing overview of the factoring industry with real world content you can use today!

Receive the entire set of nine best-selling factoring books (including the 2020 Directory of Factoring Companies) for a really low price. Read More / Order…



How I Run My One-Person Factoring Business, by Jeff Callender

Have you wondered what it takes to run a small factoring operation by yourself or with just a family member?

Factoring receivables can be a lucrative business with high returns, but you need to know how to manage the business with minimal overhead.

This informative ebook is written in the first-person by Jeff Callender, a well-respected small ticket factor who has been in the business since the mid-90s. Jeff shows simply and clearly how he has run his company year after year with no employees. Read More / Order…



The Small Business Factoring Series, by Jeff Callender

Small Factoring Business SeriesThe Small Business Factoring Series is a powerful how-to system for anyone wanting to make money with small invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing. This complete package contains 6 essential eBooks including:

  • Factoring Fundamentals How You Can Make Large Returns in Small Receivables
  • Factoring Small Receivables How To Make Money in Little Deals the Big Guys Brush Off
  • Factoring Case Studies -Learn and Profit from Experienced Small Factors
  • Unlocking the Cash in Your Company  How to Get Unlimited Funds Without a Loan
  • Marketing Tools For Small Factors & Consultants  A Hands-On Guide to Methods That Work
  • Factoring Wisdom Short Sayings and Straight Talk for New & Small Factors

Read More / Order…





Factoring Top 10 Bundle


Factoring Top Ten BooksThe Top 10 ebooks provide keen insight to particular aspects of factoring that every newcomer must learn, and every veteran will appreciate.

These seven eBooks are available for purchase in a money saving bundle!  Read More / Order…






The Complete Factoring Toolkit WITH Website!


The Complete Factoring Toolkit is where the rubber meets the road. It is designed for those individuals looking to start a factoring business, gain insider knowledge, and have a strong marketing presence – fast.

Not only do you receive the entire Factoring Essentials Bundle, you also get the Factoring Top series AND your very own turn-key Factoring Website – complete with the content and online forms to get your factoring business started!

The Complete Factoring Toolkit includes: The Factoring Essentials Bundle, Directory of Factoring Companies, and the Factoring Top 10 Series for a total of 16 ebooks PLUS your very own Factoring Website. Read More / Order…





Turn-Key Factoring Websites

Start Your Factoring Business With a WebsiteFinally you can have the professional online presence you want…without all the expense and hassles.

With our turn-key websites you can be up and running in as little as 48 hours with features that include, pre-written content, a 24/7 client submission form, custom logo header, and a variety of themes to choose from – this is exactly what you have been looking for.

The best part just may be…YOU own the site! Move it, change it, do whatever you want! We set it up, we give you content you can call your own. In other words, we build, you control it! 

The fact of the matter is that if you are IN the business than you NEED to be online. The good part is that it no longer costs thousands of dollars for a quality website that gives you a professional appearance.

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