Small Business Factoring Series

Small Factor Series

The Small Business Factoring Series is a powerful how-to system for anyone wanting to make money with small invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing.

Written by factoring investor Jeff Callender, this series contains 6 eBooks available for instant download for only $59.94

Price: $59.94


Here is what you get in the Small Business Factoring series…

Fundamentals For Factors Book Cover

Fundamentals For Factors – How You Can Make Large Returns in Small Receivables

Are you seeking dependable income with the hours you choose from any location you want?

This introductory volume in The Small Factor Series, shows how you can make middle to high double digit annualized returns no matter how much you invest!

Gain access to all the information a newcomer to factoring needs to know when starting out in this remarkable investment. Read More…

Small Factoring Business Book Cover

How to Run a Small Factoring Business

Book 2 in The Small Factor Series, this complete how-to manual provides everything the beginning factor or private investor needs to know to start buying accounts receivable of small companies.

With common sense directions and first-person experiences, you’ll learn how factoring small receivables can be a lucrative, enjoyable business and an excellent tool for investing retirement or discretionary investment funds.

Packed with information, resources, and the wisdom only experience provides. Read More…

Factoring Case Studies Book Cover

Factoring Case Studies -Essential Lessons From 30 Real Factoring Clients

Book 3 in The Small Factor Series, this work describes 30 real-life experiences from the files of 8 small factors around the country.

You’ll learn a multitude of tips, plus errors to avoid as you read about the kinds of clients you want to have — as well as those you don’t! Read More…

Sell Your Invoices Today Book CoverFactoring – Sell Your Invoices Today, Get Cash Tomorrow

Book 4 in The Small Factor Series, this book is written for owners of small to medium -sized businesses who don’t know much about factoring and will benefit from learning about it.

Will factoring help your small business?

Learn how selling your invoices can generate immediate cash flow, who can qualify, when to factor and when not to, how to find the right factor, how to know if a factor is right for your company, and much more. Read More…



Marketing Tools for Factoring Brokers Book CoverMarketing Methods For Small Factors & Brokers

Special Marketing Book #5: Learn from pros in the field which marketing methods work for them and which don’t work

Save yourself countless hours and thousands of dollars by avoiding common marketing mistakes

Additional material on making dynamite presentations, networking efficiently, and creating an effective web site. Read More…

Factoring Wisdom Book CoverFactoring Wisdom – A Preview Of Buying Receivables

Book #6: If you’ve been intrigued with factoring and curious as to just what the fuss is all about, this digest is an excellent way to find out.

Grouped alphabetically by subject, this volume provides a thumbnail sketch of the information, experiences, and words to the wise that are generously peppered throughout his books and other writing.

Settle into your easy chair with this brief collection and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn in just a few minutes. Read More…

Get all SIX books for only $59.94

Price: $59.94