Marketing Methods For Small Factors and Brokers


Tools From The Trenches To Make Your Factoring Business Thrive, By Jeff Callender

What are the most effective marketing methods to find new factoring clients?

This is a vital question confronting all factors and factoring consultants, especially those new to the business. Yet surprisingly little is written to answer such a key issue.

With chapters from eight contributors, you’ll learn each factor’s experience from the trenches…what marketing methods work best for each writer, and which are a waste of time and money. After reading their stories, decide what will work for you!

In Marketing Methods for Small Factors and Brokers you will discover:

  • The most effective methods which have the lowest cost – or no cost at all.
  • Methods too often used by newcomers which are quite expensive and generate very little (if any) business.
  • How to define your “choice client” then identify and zero in on that audience.
  • Specific advice about what to do (and what not to do) as you get started.
  • Unique methods not often considered when planning a marketing strategy.
  • A description of the numerous marketing methods the writers have used including networking groups, cold calls, direct mail, trade shows, public speaking, press releases, online techniques, social media, and referrals from clients, customers, brokers, other factors and more! Most important each writer describes his/her experience regarding the value of each method used.
  • Charts reviewing marketing resources recommended by the writers.
  • A color coded chart summarizing all the marketing methods described in the book, including their relative effectiveness, cost, and time required.

The Factoring Methods eBook is available in the bookstore as part of the Small Business Factoring Series.