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TFI Launches January 3, 2011

With the holiday season in full swing and the New Year just around the corner, 2010 will end going down in history as a year small business would like to forget. The more things seemed to change the more they stayed the same. The reality is the credit crisis continued to inhibit growth due to the record bank declines. Traditional forms of financing have become an anomaly to cash flowing small business. With all the uncertainty, looming for 2011 the Factoring Industry remains strong, recession proof and has become the financing tool of choice. "TFI” is launching January 3rd, 2011 and with over 100 years of Industry experience “TFI” is poised to revolutionize the Factoring Industry and help small business…more to come! … [Read more...]

How to Factor Invoices on Small Margins

You probably have heard the many benefits of factoring receivables but may have thought it's only viable for those companies with large profit margins. Well, you might be surprised to know that many companies with small profit margins are benefiting from factoring also. For example let us say that you are only making a 3% profit on your product and the factoring fee is also 3%. … [Read more...]

Factoring Invoices – Waking a Small Sleeping Giant

Not too long ago, the factoring industry was looked upon as a financing alternative for large commercial enterprises, … [Read more...]

Factoring Invoices With Riviera Finance

Looking for longevity and service in a factoring company? Riviera Finance recently celebrated an impressive 40 years of helping small business turn accounts receivable into ready cash. Factoring Investor (FI) was fortunate to catch up with Dave DeRango, Business Development Manager at Riviera Finance, for an investor spotlight interview. … [Read more...]

Accounts Receivable Factoring for Nurse Staffing Companies

The cash flow gap is a common challenge to nurse staffing agencies.  It can take months for the hospitals and nursing homes to pay invoices for staffing services yet the nursing staff needs paid every week or two. Factoring companies can help by providing small business funding to Nurse Staffing Agencies, but should they choose recourse or non recourse factoring? This article from guest author Philip Cohen of PRN Funding explains the difference. Recourse and Non-Recourse Nurse Staffing Accounts Receivable Factoring: What's the Difference? By: Philip Cohen What is nurse staffing recourse factoring? For the most part, recourse factoring is the most common and the most affordable nurse staffing financial help available to … [Read more...]

Invoice Factoring News – Transportation Factoring

There’s a long road ahead for transportation factoring. Two industry developments have caused companies to navigate obstacles and detours placed in the path of freight bill financing. … [Read more...]

Accounts Receivable Factoring Examples

For some business owners accounts receivable factoring will provide solutions when all other avenues fail. Of course the greatest area of concern is usually the factoring fees leading many to wonder, "How much will it cost to use invoice factoring services?" … [Read more...]

How I Run My One Person Factoring Business

Have you wondered what it takes to run a small factoring operation by yourself or with just a family member? What do you need for day-to-day operations in terms of equipment, technology, documentation, and know-how? Factoring receivables can be a lucrative business with high returns, but you need to know how to manage the business with minimal overhead. Overseeing employees adds significant additional costs and responsibilities. This informative ebook is written in the first-person by Jeff Callender, a well-respected small ticket factor who has been in the business since the mid-90s. Jeff shows simply and clearly how he has run his company year after year with no employees. Discover how his use of current technology, … [Read more...]

How Factoring Brokers Earn Fees

With numerous factoring courses and factoring books available online, many people wonder just how factoring brokers earn their fees. While factoring commissions are paid in a variety or ways, there are some standards to start with. … [Read more...]

Advantages of Factoring

There are many factoring uses in today’s market for both small and large businesses. With cash flow a key to survival and growth, here are some factoring pros to keep in mind when comparing to traditional bank loans. … [Read more...]