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Is Groupon Marketing, Factoring, or Loan Sharking?

How Groupon makes Factoring Invoices look downright cheap for small business financing. … [Read more...]

Factoring: Is It Always About the Account Debtor?

We all know that factoring has been around for ages and due to the recent changes in the economy its popularity has increased dramatically. With financial institutions constricting credit to businesses, the increased demand for cash flow has created an opportunity for the asset based lending industry especially for … [Read more...]

Credit Squeeze Keeps Factoring Companies Busy

A small business owner who is trying to grow his/her business during a booming economy will hit some speed bumps when applying for traditional financing if he/she cannot show an extensive profitable operating history. Throw in the current economic climate, and the chance of an entrepreneur obtaining a conventional bank loan is slim to none. When loans are no longer an option, business owners have to find … [Read more...]