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5 Free Tools to Help Factoring Brokers Online

Looking for marketing and factoring training to increase business? Take advantage of these... Free Tools to Grow Your Factoring Business Online! 1. Google Places Page for Factoring Believe it or not Google is providing a free web page for local businesses through their Google Places Pages. This allows … [Read more...]

Factoring Broker Training – Making the Most of 30 Seconds

Ready to market your factoring business? It’s time to perfect your intro with these… Factoring Broker Training Tips! One of the first marketing skills to master as a factoring broker is creating and delivering your personal 30-second infomercial. No, we’re not talking about … [Read more...]

Starting Your Own Factoring Business? It’s Your Call

At some point in our working lives many of us think about starting a business and being our own boss. The thought of … [Read more...]

Factoring Brokers Get Paid Before a Deal Closes?

You have to hear about this... New Factoring Broker Promotion! We all know that factoring brokers normally get paid a referral fee after the factoring companies fund the invoices.  But PRN Funding is currently running a special offer to factoring brokers that pays a $50 gift card upon referral of a qualified medical staffing lead! It doesn't matter if it turns into a closed deal... you still get paid! It just has to meet these requirements: Upon evaluation and approval that the following criteria have been met for a referral, PRN Funding will mail out a $50 gift card (of the broker’s choosing) directly to the referral source: The prospect must be an organized entity (Corporation, LLC). Sole proprietorships, … [Read more...]

Factoring – How Medical Billing Companies Can Avoid the Double Credit Crunch

In this economy, many service-oriented small businesses are struggling to obtain cash on two fronts - (1) Acquiring or extending a line of credit and (2) Getting their customers to pay in a timely manner. Outsourced medical billing providers are just one type of business that is being affected by the "double credit crunch." On the one hand, banks have … [Read more...]