10 Ways To Start Marketing A Factoring Business Online

You know you need to start marketing your factoring business online but where do you start? The time, cost, and sheer volume of information can be overwhelming – paralyzing even! Don’t despair, here’s your... Ten Step Online Marketing Plan for Factoring Companies Step 1 - Build A Factoring Business Website In the U.S. alone there are over 250 million people or 80% of the population using the Internet (Source: Internet Live Stats) and the first place they go to check something out is an online search. In 2014, websites are the new storefronts! The good news is a website is much cheaper than retail or office space, with great web design options available for under $500. And let's not forget mobile users! A website should be … [Read more...]

IFA Announces New Factoring Training Classes

The International Factoring Association has just announced NEW training courses and meetings,giving you more options for continuing education and networking! Learn Invoice Factoring With IFA Mark your calendars for these upcoming training courses and events: Digital Marketing May 1 - Webinar The Law and Business of Factoring June 23 - 24 - Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas, NV Account Executive / Loan Officer Training Course June 26 - 27 - Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas, NV Meeting for Women in Commercial Finance July 14 - 15 - Paris Hotel - Las Vegas, NV Transportation Factoring Meeting September 11 - 12 - Omni Nashville - Nashville, TN Portfolio Operations and Monitoring October 13 - 14 - Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas, NV Credit, … [Read more...]

International Factoring Association Conference 2014

The 20th Annual Factoring Conference  will be held April 9-12, 2014 at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco CA. This convention is organized the by the International Factoring Association and attendance is on track to make this year's conference the largest gathering of Factors ever! Whether you are a Factoring Company, Broker, Asset Based Lender, Trade Finance Professional, Bank,  or anyone that supports this group, join the top factoring industry professionals by attending this unparalleled networking and educational event. 2014 Factoring Convention Schedule and Speakers Sessions are designed to be educational, informative and entertaining. Speakers Dr. Christopher Thornberg - Economy Jeffrey Ma - Power of … [Read more...]

Funding Invoices With Fundbox

Invoice funding is not always factoring. We were reminded of this in February when we highlighted a case study on social media marketing in the article Is Invoice Factoring Becoming Mainstream?  We were intrigued by the company with an innovative marketing approach and decided to dig deeper in this interview with Tomer Michaeli, VP of Business Development at Fundbox. A NY-based technology company, Fundbox is helping small businesses, freelancers and home offices grow by overcoming short term cash flow gaps. They also accept referrals from factoring brokers and are a new addition to the 2014 Directory. Is Fundbox a factoring company? Tomer Michaeli: No, Fundbox is a technology company that offers business owners and freelancers a … [Read more...]

Is Invoice Factoring Becoming Mainstream?

Let’s say you are in business for yourself and begin your morning ritual. Coffee. Email. Facebook. You know…not quite ready to get into the day-to-day stress of work, employees, and cash flow issues. Then you see this on Facebook…. Invoice Factoring has entered social media…and in a BIG way. And when something enters social media…it becomes mainstream. And mainstream means, potentially, big profits. Fundbox.com is just one such factoring company* that understands the importance of social media, websites and online marketing. *[UPDATE: Tomer Michaeli, co-founder at Fundbox, was nice enough to contact us and give us a bit more insight to their business model. - "Fundbox is not a factoring company...We are a technology … [Read more...]

Top 7 Factoring Investor Articles of 2013

2013 was certainly an active year for the factoring industry. Given the economic roller coaster, it is no wonder that more and more companies were inquiring about invoice factoring services and seeking help from factoring consultants. Each week Factoring Investor publishes free content – all designed to help you in the area of factoring accounts receivables. As 2013 comes to an end we wish everyone a Happy New Year!  To help get your 2014 off to a productive start, we share with you this list of the... Top 7 Most Read Factoring Business Articles on FactoringInvestor.com Six Tips For A Beginning Factoring Consultant or Broker Wondering why some factoring consultants fail and others succeed? Here are 6 tips for starting as a … [Read more...]

PayPal Offering Working Capital To Business Account Holders

Well-known for its online payment processing, PayPal™ is now venturing into the world of working capital funding for businesses. The new financing program is geared towards small business owners and publicized as an alternative to traditional bank loans. We have been using PayPal™ here at Factoring Investor to accept payments online in the Bookstore since we first started publishing our newsletter online in 2008. We are familiar with its ease of use and secure processing. The part that came as a surprise was their recent marketing email touting similar benefits to factoring invoices. Here is a quick excerpt: If you’ve been thinking about growing your business with PayPal™ Working Capital, we’re here to help. It’s easier funding for … [Read more...]

An Invitation to Connect With Factoring Investor on LinkedIn

We are excited to announce the new Factoring Investor Group on LinkedIn dedicated to providing information on the Factoring Industry. Whether you are a business looking for financing alternatives, a broker receiving commissions, or an investor seeking solid returns this group is here to help. The group is moderated meaning that members need to join and discussions must be approved. This helps reduce the spam and keeps the focus on invoice financing. We invite you to click here to join this factoring networking group today. If you are new to social media networking then we have you covered with... 7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn For Factoring Professionals 1. Use a Profile Picture Sorry but you don’t get to be the … [Read more...]

A New Factoring Twist on Dental Financing

It’s tough to find factoring companies that will purchase dental financing receivables. The same goes for invoices created from elective medical procedures. This point was highlighted in a recent article we published on Medical Factoring Wears Many Hats. And then I received an email that intrigued me…. “My company offers medical financing to dentists and their patients.” What a great potential for both dentists and factoring brokers to offer additional services. I had to learn more! The end result was this interview with Lenny Leff of InfinaQuest LLC. Your email on buying dental care receivables really caught my interest. What transactions will InfinaQuest consider funding? We purchase both medical provider receivables and … [Read more...]

5 Free Tools to Help Factoring Brokers Online

Looking for marketing and factoring training to increase business? Take advantage of these... Free Tools to Grow Your Factoring Business Online! 1. Google Places Page for Factoring Believe it or not Google is providing a free web page for local businesses through their Google Places Pages. This allows … [Read more...]