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5 Traits of Highly Effective Factoring Salespeople

Anyone can get on the phone and talk to potential customers, but it takes a special person to excel at closing deals. Sales are a vital part of the factoring industry—without sales there would be no new customers, and therefore no growth. No factoring company wants to remain stagnant, so finding and cultivating highly effective salespeople is important. Using firsthand experience and the knowledge of experts, we have identified 5 traits to look for when hiring sales representatives for your factoring business. 1. Goal Orientation Success comes to those who want it most. Because sales are relatively objective and therefore easy to measure in the factoring industry, setting clear goals is a simple way to measure achievement. The best … [Read more...]

Why Factoring Works

Working capital - Every business needs it but at what cost? One of the main reasons why I enjoy working in the factoring business is that the concept is simple and easy to understand. Factoring companies provide businesses with working capital by purchasing their client’s outstanding receivables. Typically a factoring transaction is an arrangement between three parties (client, factor and vendor) all of whom are businesses. The business owner understands his profit margins and the expense associated with factoring while the factor evaluates the risk. In most cases the increase in cash flow will not only justify the cost but actually lower operating margins by increasing sales for the business. But why is factoring so popular … [Read more...]

How I Sell. My Preferred Factoring Sales Technique

Selling factoring services can be very challenging, especially in this environment where there is very strong competition. Not only do you have to help clients determine if factoring is right for them, you also have to show them how your solution is better for them that everyone else’s. This may sound simple, but selling factoring services in this market is very difficult. It’s a crowded market with every factoring company promoting their benefits. You can expect that most prospects will be talking to four or five different factors. One simple approach is to match what they are saying. But if you do that, you become a “me too!” factoring provider that will only get average results. So, how do you break through that barrier? How do … [Read more...]