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Five Reasons to Consider Factoring Your Invoices

Anyone that runs a business on a day-to-day basis understands the need for continual cash flow. It is the lifeblood of business. The natural ebb and flow of business income can make some weeks a [financial] breeze while others may have you questioning whether you can make payroll the following week. With banks continually tightening the belt, many savvy business owners are turning to alternative means when it comes to generating a consistent cash flow. Here are five reasons to consider Invoice Factoring as your legitimate solution: … [Read more...]

Making Sense of Medical Factoring

Many factoring brokers steer clear of medical receivables factoring because they think it’s too hard to get a health care deal funded. I’m here to tell you otherwise. All you need is a general understanding of the types of companies that can benefit from medical factoring and a couple of strategic partnerships with the right health care factoring firms. … [Read more...]

Focus and Keep It Simple in the Factoring Business

As much as I hate to admit it, I was never a fan of multi-tasking. Not in the factoring business or any industry. Unfortunately in today’s texting, video conferencing, blogging and emailing business world you sometimes have no choice. Do you too find it annoying when … [Read more...]

Common Objections Encountered From Invoice Factoring Prospects

Although invoice factoring has become a bit more apparent in business finance today, misunderstandings, fears and objections are still quite common. Being prepared to hear and address objections or questions is the most professional approach to these encounters. Fortunately, the issues discussed herein are the most common concerns expressed by prospects and from my experience in both commercial and healthcare factoring will arise in almost all presentations or conference calls. … [Read more...]