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International Factoring Association Interview

What changes are facing the Factoring Business? We are honored to get insights from Bert Goldberg, Executive Director and founder of the International Factoring Association, in this issue of … [Read more...]

Is Your Factoring Business In It For The Long Run?

I realize this question may seem obvious to anyone who owns a factoring business. Every business owner wants to succeed and have their company flourish which is why we took the leap of faith in the first place. Sometimes however, our actions … [Read more...]

Allied Health Staffing Factoring – A Financing Solution For Expanding Companies

The growing nurse shortage has been in the headlines for years, but there is another very real shortage that's also affecting our nation...the allied health personnel shortage. Defined as clinical healthcare professionals that assist physicians and nurses, allied health personnel are an important part of the healthcare system. Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are beginning to feel the stress of the aging … [Read more...]