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Invoice Factoring News

Weren't able to make it out to Washington DC this month for the Invoice Factoring Conference?  You can still get all the great factoring news and training from the event. The International Factoring Association has now made audio CDs and handouts available for purchase from their 2011 Factoring Conference at a reasonable $100 price point. Head on over to the IFA website to check out the great information. … [Read more...]

Factoring: Colbert Report Video Reveals Need for Invoice Financing

What’s ailing small business in this recovery? Why aren’t they hiring more people? One major reason…big business is using small business as their banks! The big guys are showing solid returns yet purposely taking longer and longer to pay the invoices owed to small business owners. … [Read more...]

Why Temporary Nurse Staffing Companies Make Great Candidates For Factoring

There are two instances when a temporary nurse staffing agency could encounter a bit of a cash flow crisis. The first is when the agency is just starting out, and the second is when it hits a period of rapid growth. To a bank looking at a loan application, neither situation is attractive. On the contrary, to some factors both of these situations might sound very appealing, and this article explains why. … [Read more...]

Building A Factoring Broker Business? Bigger is Not Always Better!

In my very first sales experience, my book of business was compared to a bathtub half full with water. Additionally, I was told that this bath tub had no plug in the drain, so water was continually escaping from it. The riddle was finally completed with the question, "How therefore can you maintain water in half the tub with the constant outflow of water?" … [Read more...]