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Considering Accounts Receivable Financing? 5 Things to Know Before Applying for Factoring

Factoring provides cash to companies all across America, even when banks say no to business loans. Like all business deals, it pays to be prepared. Save time and money by understanding these 5 areas before … [Read more...]

Don’t Factor Your Receivables When.

Small business owners are no strangers to watching every dollar. When a customer is late to pay an invoice the business feels it. This leaves many owners losing sleep and making … [Read more...]

Attention Business Owners! Stop Being a Part-Time Banker for Your Customers

How many customers take longer than 30 days to pay on their invoices? Congratulations! Your business has just extended credit to your customers. You may not have thought about it this way, but you are now in the banking business. Even worse, you probably have the best rates in town. … [Read more...]