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The How To Guide – Allied Health Staffing Factoring

The notion of selling allied health receivables to a factoring firm may sound like a difficult concept to understand, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. … [Read more...]

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Alternative Financing

What The Small Business Owner Must Know to Get Through These Financial Times! New Book Release by Karlene Sinclair-Robinson, Certified Cash Flow Consultant. Our current national financial situation makes it even harder for small businesses to qualify for bank financing. Balancing the scale in this arena is vital, but will it even out for you? … [Read more...]

Factoring News: Two New Slow Paying Customers

Your biggest and best customers might just now be your slow paying customers. This disturbing trend in accounts receivable financing is affecting both business owners and factoring companies. Here's an enlightening update: … [Read more...]

Discover the New Rules and Tools for Success in Today’s Economy

***Attraction Marketing Webinar*** Whether you are new to the Industry or a Seasoned Cash Flow Professional this may be one of the most important presentations you may ever watch in this Industry! Success in this Industry boils down to “2” Things 1. Your Ability to Market Your Services 2. Your Ability to Respond to Your Prospects … [Read more...]