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Factoring Business: Should You Use Google+1 or Facebook?

You may have a strong factoring business built on solid networking. Sooner or later, your efforts are going to turn to the Internet to find ways to leverage new clients. In the beginning you will be faced with two big options…FACEBOOK® or GOOGLE+1™. … [Read more...]

A Year End Thank You From Factoring Company Oxygen Funding

It’s that time of year when many of us are looking forward to the holidays where we get to enjoy time with family and friends and attend holiday parties. Hopefully, many of us will be able to get away from the office for a few days to recharge our batteries and get ready for the New Year. Typically, when I write these monthly articles for Factoring Investor, the discussion focuses on the factoring industry and ways for you to market and manage your business. Last month’s publication, “A How to Guide for Factoring Brokers” was a smashing success with requests for the guide from factoring brokers from all parts of the world. We also received excellent feedback on our social media marketing for the factoring business article that ran … [Read more...]

Medical Staffing Invoice Funding – Tips For Managing Customer Fears

Many medical staffing business owners worry that their customers (hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, etc.) will misinterpret their decision to factor as a signal of financial instability. In reality, deciding to get medical staffing invoice funding help is an encouraging indication that your medical staffing business is stable, rapidly growing, and in high demand. To help alleviate your concerns and to educate your customers about medical staffing invoice funding, consider the following: … [Read more...]