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Consumers Should Expect Higher Prices This Holiday

At the end of August, Apparel published the following "warning" if you will. With costs going up, consumers were going to have to pay more -  painting a potentially gloomy picture for holiday spending. But did this actually happen and what about the cost of factoring during this period? (8/31/11 Source: Apparel) - A new survey of consumer goods manufacturers and importers shows that the dual trends of weak inventory sales and rising prices paint a dark picture for the upcoming holiday season. As of July 31, 2011, during which time most holiday orders are placed: 83 percent expect prices of consumer goods to rise this holiday season, with one-third saying prices could rise as much as 10-15 percent To deal with the rising cost of … [Read more...]

A How To Guide For Factoring Brokers

About a month ago, I posted a discussion on LinkedIn about how to become a factoring broker or consultant in the invoice factoring industry. Specifically, we put together a guide for new and current brokers titled, “Guide to Wholesale Factoring.” The guide contains information on industry related topics including, benefits of factoring, factoring vs. bank financing, sample transactions, targeted industries, qualifying prospects, overcoming objections and more. The response was absolutely overwhelming! … [Read more...]

How Medical Supplies Companies Benefit From Factoring

Now more than ever, medical supplies companies are looking for alternative financing sources. Banks are not approving loans like they used to and recurring cash flow challenges for medical supplies companies are not going away. Medical supplies factoring has been evaluated in the past, but this alternative financing option is becoming a popular and convenient solution to cash flow problems. … [Read more...]