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Top 7 Factoring Investor Articles of 2013

2013 was certainly an active year for the factoring industry. Given the economic roller coaster, it is no wonder that more and more companies were inquiring about invoice factoring services and seeking help from factoring consultants. Each week Factoring Investor publishes free content – all designed to help you in the area of factoring accounts receivables. As 2013 comes to an end we wish everyone a Happy New Year!  To help get your 2014 off to a productive start, we share with you this list of the... Top 7 Most Read Factoring Business Articles on Six Tips For A Beginning Factoring Consultant or Broker Wondering why some factoring consultants fail and others succeed? Here are 6 tips for starting as a … [Read more...]

Is This The Golden Age of Invoice Factoring?

It’s usually during this time of year where you will find a bunch of business articles that reflect upon the events of the past year or take a stab at making predictions for the next earnings period whether it be quarterly or annually. Instead of following suit and subjecting you to the same old topic I would rather take a look at... The present state of the factoring industry. When you hear the term “Golden Age” of something it typically represents a period of great peace, prosperity and happiness. Usually we think of periods of history in Greek and Roman mythology when civilizations thrived in the arts, literature and science. Obviously it sounds like a stretch to associate invoice factoring with the historic cultural periods of the … [Read more...]

The Affordable Care Act May Boost Demand for Staffing Factoring

The Affordable Care Act will give an unprecedented number of previously uninsured consumers access to affordable health coverage and care. This has a number of implications for the temporary staffing industry, and will create opportunities for the savvy factoring professional to expand their business. Companies looking to minimize their healthcare costs, or avoid the employer mandate entirely, will need to manage their employees’ hours to stay below the 30-hours-per-week benchmark or reduce their full-time staff below 50. Temporary staffing allows companies in this situation to fill talent gaps without compromising their position, which is both boon and burden to the staffing agency. Factoring for temporary staffing provides solutions … [Read more...]

How To Finance Your New Factoring Company

In my previous article, we discussed whether brokers should start their own factoring companies. In this article, we discuss how to finance a factoring company, should you decide to start one. While owning a factoring company can be very rewarding, it’s also very risky. And most owners make their riskiest decision before funding their first deal – the decision on how to finance their own company. The wrong decision could wipe you out financially and have long-lasting repercussions. Make this decision very carefully. There Are Many Ways To Fund A Factoring Company. Each way has varying degrees of risk. How you proceed depends on your risk tolerance. For example, when I first financed my factoring company, I made two upfront decisions. … [Read more...]