Archives for August 2010

Transportation Factoring

You may have heard ads on the radio offering Truck Factoring or Freight Bill Factoring. It's easy to think it has something to do with financing the truck itself, but in reality it is surprisingly similar to traditional invoice factoring. … [Read more...]

Factoring Companies USA

Choosing a quality company that buys invoices can be as challenging as trying to guess the number of marbles in a large jar. It can also be tough to separate the good from the bad – this is the very reason we created the Factoring Directory. … [Read more...]

Cash Flow Investor Spotlight: Monterey’s Consumer Finance Program

The cash flow business depends on Monterey Financial for the purchase of retail installment contracts. Factoring Investor (FI) caught up with Gina Frame, Assistant Manager Sales &  Marketing, to fill us in on how Monterey is helping businesses and cash flow brokers turn receivables into cash. … [Read more...]

Comparison of Factoring Fees and Charges

The costs for invoice factoring are made up of discount fees and administrative charges. But watch out! It’s a competitive business and some factoring companies advertise super low discount rates to lure in accounts receivable funding clients and hit them with hidden fees later. Want to know the true factoring charges before signing on the dotted line? Use this chart for an accurate factoring fees comparison. … [Read more...]

Factoring Training for Small Business Funding

Working with small businesses receivables is a specialized segment of the factoring industry.  It's also lucrative! Less competition from the large factoring companies can equal more opportunity. Just ask Jeff Callender, founder of Dash Point Financial Services.  He went from start-up cash flow broker to small business factoring funder in just a few short years. Jeff generously shares his tips for success gained from real life experience.  In addition to his acclaimed Small Factors Book series, he provides workshop instruction at factoring trainings and association meetings. Here's a look at an upcoming workshop designed especially for small business factoring. International Factoring Association Presents: Small Factors … [Read more...]