10 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Factoring Contract

If you are considering factoring your receivables, you are probably already aware of its benefits. But other things are essential to know before you sign on the bottom line with a factoring firm. The most important is this: not every factoring firm is the same! Not only does every company have its own procedures and requirements, but some also have more experience in certain industries and factoring methods than others. Here is a list of questions you should ask before signing a factoring contract. 1. How many years has the company been in business? Over the years the factoring industry has grown considerably as more and more people realize factoring is an excellent method for increasing cash flow. However, with the increase in … [Read more...]

Pawning for Payroll? Try Factoring Invoices Instead!

Looking for further proof small businesses are in need of alternative financing options like factoring? The ongoing credit squeeze has companies turning to an unlikely lender…the pawnshop! Many pawnshops are reporting that over half their customers are now … [Read more...]

Is Groupon Marketing, Factoring, or Loan Sharking?

How Groupon makes Factoring Invoices look downright cheap for small business financing. … [Read more...]

Comparing Factoring Companies

Whether you are looking to sell invoices you own or you have a client that is considering factoring, choosing the right Factoring Company to fund your deals can be challenging. Here are key items to consider when... … [Read more...]

Building A Factoring Broker Business? Bigger is Not Always Better!

In my very first sales experience, my book of business was compared to a bathtub half full with water. Additionally, I was told that this bath tub had no plug in the drain, so water was continually escaping from it. The riddle was finally completed with the question, "How therefore can you maintain water in half the tub with the constant outflow of water?" … [Read more...]

The Factoring Broker’s Action Plan

Wondering How to Earn Fees as a Factoring Broker? Mike Ponomarew reveals the Factoring Broker Action Plan in his next webinar. Read the article and save your seat today! … [Read more...]

Accounts Receivable Factoring Examples

For some business owners accounts receivable factoring will provide solutions when all other avenues fail. Of course the greatest area of concern is usually the factoring fees leading many to wonder, "How much will it cost to use invoice factoring services?" … [Read more...]

Comparison of Factoring Fees and Charges

The costs for invoice factoring are made up of discount fees and administrative charges. But watch out! It’s a competitive business and some factoring companies advertise super low discount rates to lure in accounts receivable funding clients and hit them with hidden fees later. Want to know the true factoring charges before signing on the dotted line? Use this chart for an accurate factoring fees comparison. … [Read more...]

When Do Factoring Brokers Get Paid?

Brokers and consultants earn lucrative and reoccurring commissions for the referral of business owners that use accounts receivable financing services. But when are these factoring commissions paid? … [Read more...]

Freedom From Factoring Fees

In an effort to combat the affects of the crumbling economy, service-oriented businesses have been getting creative with new ways to generate money. Unfortunately for consumers, that creativity often translates into price hikes, additional fees, reduced services or cut backs on productivity. But does it have to be that way? … [Read more...]