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The World of Medical Factoring and Accounts Receivable Funding

Right from the beginning let me first correct the title of this article. There is no “world” of medical factors, it’s more like a very small neighborhood. Within the finance industry, lenders that are approached with funding opportunities involving healthcare providers as the borrower (or factoring client) tend to retreat and decline these types of applicants. The obvious question is why? … [Read more...]

Five FAQs That Small Business Owners Ask About Factoring (And How YOU Should Respond)

If you’ve ever had a hard time convincing a business owner why he/she should use factoring, then I suggest you keep reading. I can assure you that if you’re prepared and possess the right attitude when approaching entrepreneurs about factoring, then you’ll be able making commissions in no time. In order to help factoring brokers better be able to sell the concept of “factoring” to incredulous small business owners, here are five common questions that that small business owners ask about factoring and more importantly, five answers to those questions. … [Read more...]

Listen and Learn – Insights To The Factoring Industry

After reading the title to this piece one would think that I have some great pearls of wisdom to dispense on one of the many facets about the factoring industry. Sorry, this isn’t going to be a tutorial on marketing your business or collecting the proper documents to close a deal. We’ll save those for another time or article. This time I’m going to try and keep it plain and simple and focus on something so many fail to do when working with a prospect – listen. … [Read more...]

Factoring Business In The Dog Days of Summer

What? August already? Where did the year go? These dog days of summer are about the time of year when I wonder if I advanced my factoring business. Did I meet my goals? Although many people focus on how much money they made, not all goals are financial related. You might want more free time, streamlined marketing, or just to have more fun. Only you can decide your goals. The important thing to do at this point in the year is realize that it is never too late to accomplish them. No, this isn’t going to turn into some warm fuzzy article about finding your inner self and conquering the day. There is probably someone better suited on television for that. No, I just want to share that it is not too late to make 2012 a great … [Read more...]