10 Ways To Start Marketing A Factoring Business Online

You know you need to start marketing your factoring business online but where do you start? The time, cost, and sheer volume of information can be overwhelming – paralyzing even! Don’t despair, here’s your... Ten Step Online Marketing Plan for Factoring Companies Step 1 - Build A Factoring Business Website In the U.S. alone there are over 250 million people or 80% of the population using the Internet (Source: Internet Live Stats) and the first place they go to check something out is an online search. In 2014, websites are the new storefronts! The good news is a website is much cheaper than retail or office space, with great web design options available for under $500. And let's not forget mobile users! A website should be … [Read more...]

Is Invoice Factoring Becoming Mainstream?

Let’s say you are in business for yourself and begin your morning ritual. Coffee. Email. Facebook. You know…not quite ready to get into the day-to-day stress of work, employees, and cash flow issues. Then you see this on Facebook…. Invoice Factoring has entered social media…and in a BIG way. And when something enters social media…it becomes mainstream. And mainstream means, potentially, big profits. Fundbox.com is just one such factoring company* that understands the importance of social media, websites and online marketing. *[UPDATE: Tomer Michaeli, co-founder at Fundbox, was nice enough to contact us and give us a bit more insight to their business model. - "Fundbox is not a factoring company...We are a technology … [Read more...]

Challenging Changes in the Factoring Business

A tough economy, increased competition, and new technology are some of the challenges (and opportunities) being faced in the factoring business. We recently talked with Jeff Callender, President of Dash Point Financial, to get his insights on significant changes experienced by factoring brokers and companies.  Jeff answered two important questions and you'll enjoy his straight forward answers! … [Read more...]

Factoring Business In The Dog Days of Summer

What? August already? Where did the year go? These dog days of summer are about the time of year when I wonder if I advanced my factoring business. Did I meet my goals? Although many people focus on how much money they made, not all goals are financial related. You might want more free time, streamlined marketing, or just to have more fun. Only you can decide your goals. The important thing to do at this point in the year is realize that it is never too late to accomplish them. No, this isn’t going to turn into some warm fuzzy article about finding your inner self and conquering the day. There is probably someone better suited on television for that. No, I just want to share that it is not too late to make 2012 a great … [Read more...]

Factoring Business Website and Survey Results!

That is right! We turned our recent factoring business marketing survey results into a video case study! Plus there's a special announcement on the new factoring websites you won't want to miss. … [Read more...]

Should You Be Marketing For Factoring Business Online?

Wondering if there is an opportunity to find factoring business online? Consider the average number of times per month someone searches these terms online: • Receivable Financing – 12,100 • Invoice Factoring – 14,800 • What is a Factoring Company? - 18,100 • Factor Company – 27,100 … [Read more...]