Should You Be Marketing For Factoring Business Online?

Wondering if there is an opportunity to find factoring business online?

CMarketing Factoring Business Onlineonsider the average number of times per month someone searches these terms online:

• Receivable Financing – 12,100
• Invoice Factoring – 14,800
• What is a Factoring Company? – 18,100
• Factor Company – 27,100

(Source: Google Adwords™ Keyword Tool. *GOOGLE is a trademark of Google Inc. and not associated with this site or author.)

There is no question that the buying and selling of invoices is a people business. You need to cultivate a relationship, but…

  before there is a relationship, you need to meet each other.

More and more businesses are turning online to meet their researching needs… for everything. Finding a company to factor invoices is no exception.

So, how do you help give your factoring business an edge online?

Try these three things…

1. Have a Great Factoring Website

A quick, ready-made, one page site from “Website Tonight” on GoDaddy might seem like a good idea. Sure, it may be better than nothing…but not much.

At a minimum you are going to want to create a professional presence and a way for people to contact you. Professional, effective, and search-optimized sites can now be built for as little as $349.00 (Check out for affordable website ideas).

2. Claim Your Google Places™ Business Listing

Make sure you are on listed on Google Places™ for business. If you have been around as a factoring company for some time, you probably already have a “Places Page” created in Google* search – and just not claimed it. For some great info on setting up your page, go here Google Places Help for Small Business.

3. Be Social

There are plenty of forums and social media sites that have a variety of factoring related discussions going on. These include questions from new brokers as well as potential clients. To be seen and heard you can create a profile and check in with them (at least on a weekly basis) to contribute and interact. You can read more tips at Factoring Training: Social Media and Small Business.

No matter how you cut it, there are deals to be had online. Your business income may very well be determined by your ability to gain more clients from this media. It doesn’t take a lot of work – and very little ongoing work.

Now is as good a time as any. If you have been putting off starting (or improving) your online factoring business presence, why not start today?


  1. Md. Abdul Mabud (Tushar) says

    Interesting data for factoring professionals. Social media and connection is very helpful for modern business

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