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PayPal Offering Working Capital To Business Account Holders

Well-known for its online payment processing, PayPal™ is now venturing into the world of working capital funding for businesses. The new financing program is geared towards small business owners and publicized as an alternative to traditional bank loans. We have been using PayPal™ here at Factoring Investor to accept payments online in the Bookstore since we first started publishing our newsletter online in 2008. We are familiar with its ease of use and secure processing. The part that came as a surprise was their recent marketing email touting similar benefits to factoring invoices. Here is a quick excerpt: If you’ve been thinking about growing your business with PayPal™ Working Capital, we’re here to help. It’s easier funding for … [Read more...]

The Sales vs. Underwriting Factoring Dilemma

I’ve written a bunch of articles about what to look for when funding a new client. Whether it’s proper notification or having an ironclad factoring agreement, you should always have a consistent set of due diligence procedures that adequately protects your company in every factoring transaction. With any new deal there will regularly be nuances that are unique and test the funder. In many cases getting past these roadblocks can make or break a deal. With any factoring company, one the biggest challenges is to scale the company for growth while keeping the proper safeguards in place. The friction caused by this dilemma is usually felt by the sales and underwriting divisions within a company. Salespeople complain that the underwriters … [Read more...]

Ongoing Due Diligence Ensures Healthy Factoring Relationships

Every business that extends credit to its clients understands the importance of due diligence. Just as most people would not blindly hand over a stack of cash to a stranger on the street, factoring companies do not begin purchasing invoices from clients whose businesses they do not understand. Once the client relationship is established, it is easy to become comfortable with the routine of purchases and collections and ignore due diligence entirely. This complacence can prove disastrous for the client relationship. Tax issues, debtor concerns, and client malfeasance can all fly under the radar until the situation requires a more serious (often legal) response. Fortunately for factors, a variety of services exist to make the process … [Read more...]