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How To Build Your Factoring Business In 2013

My original discussion was gong to be a year end review of the factoring business, but as we all know it is better to look forward than to look back. So let’s approach this from the prospective of setting up your business for next year. What makes a successful sales effort? The most obvious answer is closing lots of transactions. How do we make that happen? What will make 2013 a successful year for your factoring business? … [Read more...]

A Factoring Thank You For 2012

What makes the factoring business enjoyable?  Don D'Ambrosio shares his answer in this year end thank you. Wow, time flies and we are looking at closing out another year. Many articles this time of year tend to focus on reflection, comparing estimates to actual results and anticipating the New Year. This year I would like to take a slightly different approach. … [Read more...]

The Unique Problems of Construction Factoring (And How to Solve Them)

Construction factoring can be every bit as tricky to navigate as it is lucrative. Ask a factor what industries they can fund, and nine times out of ten they are going to claim they can fund almost everything under the sun - everything, of course, except one little pesky industry: Construction. … [Read more...]

Challenging Changes in the Factoring Business

A tough economy, increased competition, and new technology are some of the challenges (and opportunities) being faced in the factoring business. We recently talked with Jeff Callender, President of Dash Point Financial, to get his insights on significant changes experienced by factoring brokers and companies.  Jeff answered two important questions and you'll enjoy his straight forward answers! … [Read more...]