Archives for June 2012

Now is the Time to Sell Temporary Staffing Factoring

Discover why recent US labor statistics reveal that now is an excellent time for brokers to sell temporary staffing factoring in this article from Nikki Flores of PRN Funding. Did you know that many experts look at transitions within the temporary staffing industry to help make predictions about the future of our country’s economy? The reason is because the temporary staffing industry is deeply intertwined with all facets of Corporate America. Allow me to elaborate… … [Read more...]

Factoring Business Website and Survey Results!

That is right! We turned our recent factoring business marketing survey results into a video case study! Plus there's a special announcement on the new factoring websites you won't want to miss. … [Read more...]

Surprises in the Factoring Industry Aren’t Always a Good Thing

Factoring business owner reveals why he'd rather avoid surprises in the factoring industry in this month's article from Don D'Ambrosio of Oxygen Funding. When most of us hear the word surprise, it is usually associated with a good feeling that was unexpected. In the business world, surprises sometimes have a very different meaning that does not have the same good feeling associated with it. … [Read more...]

What Invoice Factor Is Best For Your Company?

Once you have made the decision to Factor invoices, you have several options to consider when deciding what company to work with. In most cases (or industries) you want to work direct with the source. Cut out the middleman and save a few dollars in the process. This is common practice but not always the case when it comes to factoring. You certainly could work directly with a Factoring Company, but should you? … [Read more...]