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BP Oil Spills Into Factoring Services

The gulf oil leak is showing up in some unexpected areas, including the accounts receivable factoring industry. … [Read more...]

Marketing Ideas for Factoring Brokers – Book Review

Do you ever wish someone would hand you a blue print for finding business? If you are like most factoring brokers you may wonder: “Which marketing methods are most effective?” “Which are a waste of time and money?” … [Read more...]

Are You Linked In with Factoring Groups?

If you are looking to network with other factoring professionals then it’s time to get active with LinkedIn. This online networking platform is doing for business what Facebook did for friends and family. LinkedIn offers free membership for networking with over 70 million members in 200 countries.  But even better, you can specify the type of professional groups you want to actively follow. The factoring industry alone has over 50 Groups focused on this specialized segment of commercial financing. If you are a factoring broker be sure to check out these most active groups: Commercial Finance Association Factoring Professionals (FP Americas and FP Europe) Trade Finance, Factoring and Forfaiting Professionals The Global … [Read more...]

Construction Factoring Dips Along With the Construction Industry

Very few companies are financing businesses in the construction industry today as the industry risk is still too great. Many general contractors and subcontractors are reeling from the effects of the building bubble. And to add insult to injury, many construction companies who obtained a business loan will probably, or already have found themselves out of covenant. This is due to falling sales. Simply put, banks won't let them tap into their lines of credit until their sales are back on track. What's more, even in the factoring industry, few companies dare to offer construction factoring since the risks of default are still high. However, in many cases a factoring company will be able to help. There are quite a number of firms … [Read more...]

Accounts Receivable Factoring – An Alternative Funding Option For Small Businesses

Because of their lack of financial sophistication and size, today's small businesses continue to face the hardships brought on by current economic challenges. Many firms struggle to maintain their bank credit facilities, and securing a new line of credit or increasing a company's current limit is nearly impossible. So if the lending wells have dried up, what's a small business owner to do? Capitalize on the benefits of accounts receivables factoring. … [Read more...]

When Do Factoring Brokers Get Paid?

Brokers and consultants earn lucrative and reoccurring commissions for the referral of business owners that use accounts receivable financing services. But when are these factoring commissions paid? … [Read more...]