Funding Invoices With Fundbox

Invoice funding is not always factoring. We were reminded of this in February when we highlighted a case study on social media marketing in the article Is Invoice Factoring Becoming Mainstream?  We were intrigued by the company with an innovative marketing approach and decided to dig deeper in this interview with Tomer Michaeli, VP of Business Development at Fundbox. A NY-based technology company, Fundbox is helping small businesses, freelancers and home offices grow by overcoming short term cash flow gaps. They also accept referrals from factoring brokers and are a new addition to the 2014 Directory. Is Fundbox a factoring company? Tomer Michaeli: No, Fundbox is a technology company that offers business owners and freelancers a … [Read more...]

Fast Pay Factoring For Digital Media Receivables

Working with digital media receivables? It helps to know a factoring company that specializes in online deliverables. Meet Jed Simon, CEO of FastPay, in this recent Factoring Investor interview. What receivables will your factoring company consider funding? Jed Simon, CEO: FastPay primarily funds digital media receivables. We’ll advance on invoices signifying completed work including, but not limited to, ad campaigns, creative campaigns and delivered impressions. How did you get your start in the business? While I was responsible for digital media at DreamWorks, I recognized a universal pain point in the digital media industry - many big brands and agencies have onerous payment cycles (Net 90+) that hamper the growth of smaller digital … [Read more...]

Comparison of Factoring Fees and Charges

The costs for invoice factoring are made up of discount fees and administrative charges. But watch out! It’s a competitive business and some factoring companies advertise super low discount rates to lure in accounts receivable funding clients and hit them with hidden fees later. Want to know the true factoring charges before signing on the dotted line? Use this chart for an accurate factoring fees comparison. … [Read more...]

Construction Factoring Dips Along With the Construction Industry

Very few companies are financing businesses in the construction industry today as the industry risk is still too great. Many general contractors and subcontractors are reeling from the effects of the building bubble. And to add insult to injury, many construction companies who obtained a business loan will probably, or already have found themselves out of covenant. This is due to falling sales. Simply put, banks won't let them tap into their lines of credit until their sales are back on track. What's more, even in the factoring industry, few companies dare to offer construction factoring since the risks of default are still high. However, in many cases a factoring company will be able to help. There are quite a number of firms … [Read more...]

Learn Factoring – The Alternative Finance Industry Exposed!

Last year small business lending was slashed by over $13 billion dollars and this trend is poised to continue. Join us Tuesday, March 23rd at 2 pm or 9pm EST to discover how to profit with alternative financing. … [Read more...]

Why Use Spot Factoring?

Spot factoring lets a business raise working capital by receiving an advance on just a single outstanding invoice. Here are 3 reasons it is effective to offer spot factoring to clients, as shared by Steve Ontiveros of Resource Business Partners, Inc. … [Read more...]

Can a Company Use Accounts Receivable Funding If It Already Has a Bank Line of Credit or Tax Liens?

Many times a company thinks if they have an existing bank loan or line of credit they will not qualify to sell their receivables. In some cases a company may still be eligible to work with a full-service factor and realize the benefits of factoring. … [Read more...]

Investor Spotlight: It’s Not Just Construction Factoring with Quantum Corporate Funding

Factoring account receivables is helping businesses through these tough economic conditions opening the door to earning opportunities for cash flow consultants. FactoringInvestor (FI) caught up with Howard Chernin (HC) to fill us in on the accounts receivable funding business. … [Read more...]

What is Spot Factoring?

Need a quick one-time infusion of cash for your company?  Spot factoring just might be the answer. This business financing solution enables a company to receive an advance on a single outstanding invoice. … [Read more...]

Receivable Funding Benefits Small Business

CHICAGO (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Bibby Financial Services recently provided a $2 million credit facility to a produce company in Northern California. The company buys and sells strawberry plants to growers in California, Florida, and Mexico. In addition, Bibby Financial Services extended a $1 million credit facility to a transportation and logistics company with many fleets and locations throughout the western United States. The company plans to use the funds to meet payroll for independent contractors hired to execute deliveries and service local accounts. Nick Hart, CEO, Bibby Financial Services (CA), states, As we see traditional funding facilities continuing to tighten up on credit, it is important that businesses have the finance … [Read more...]