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International Factoring Companies

US exports are on the rise leading to increased opportunities for international factoring companies and brokers. In January 2011 exports set a record 167.7 billion up 16% from a year ago and beating the prior high of 165.7 billion in July 2008, according to … [Read more...]

Should You Make Invoice Factoring Offers Via Email?

In an age where birthday wishes seem limited to a Facebook Wall post and asking someone out on a date is abbreviated to accommodate Twitter’s 160 character limit, it leads us to ask: Are we getting too impersonal when it comes to making offers or negotiation? … [Read more...]

Factoring Your Temporary Staffing Accounts Receivables

Temporary Staffing companies play a key role in employment, and have helped reduce the overall unemployment numbers in the US over the past 6 months, even if their workers are employed on a short-term basis. However, temp staffing is one of the many small business sectors that have been affected by primary lenders who have been forced to tighten credit policies. … [Read more...]

Factoring Medical Receivables – Where are the Needs and Opportunities?

Have you ever known of a situation in which the Federal Government intervened in an industry through regulation or in any other way, and as a result of such intervention, the industry became more efficient? If you can’t think of any off hand it’s because it hasn’t happened. The most recent example of such inefficiency has been the … [Read more...]

Factoring Broker Training – Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes!

Want to earn referral fees as a factoring broker working full or part-time?  Be sure to avoid these three common mistakes when seeking prospective clients in need of accounts receivable financing. … [Read more...]

Medical Billing Companies Increase Cash Flow Through Factoring

While the public's confidence on the economy continues to spiral downward, the demand for health care in this country continues to grow. According to the National Coalition on Health Care, the U.S. spent approximately 17% of its GDP in 2008 on health care costs. That percentage is expected to jump to 20% by 2017. … [Read more...]