Qualifying vs. Working For Your Receivable Factoring Referral Fee

What is expected of the receivable factoring referral source? As a direct funder, we have requirements of our factoring brokers. Our brokers make monthly residual income and for that, certain things have to be done. The basic minimum requirement is to introduce a potential client to us and to complete/submit the necessary broker agreement. Once that process is completed and the transaction closes the broker has qualified for his/her fee and once payments are collected from payers, fees are distributed. The question here is “Should the factoring broker be satisfied with this?” If a referral source is to be successful that individual must look after, or nurture the prospect. It should always be noted that the broker is the first line of … [Read more...]

Factoring Brokers Unite!

We have all heard the expression that “half of something is better than all of nothing.” Along with that as a “given,” let’s also realize that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. The combination of these two statements leads us to a discussion on how and why factoring brokers can join forces with others. Many financial consultants have contacted us asking about ideas for marketing their factoring businesses. Of course, we provide as much help to our brokers as we can so we go through the entire litany of ideas and strategies. All aspects are discussed and responses generally vary. We’ve heard “No, I don’t like networking events because I’m shy.” Another common response is “I do not do phone cold calls.” Still another one is “I … [Read more...]

Medical Factoring Wears Many Hats

Those of us that call ourselves medical factoring companies may in fact be quite different from one anther. Throughout the years certain niches have been serviced by finance companies all of which are called medical factoring but each focuses on dissimilar asset classes. This discussion is designed to identify these different asset classes within the framework of Medical Factoring, and to provide the broker with a clear understanding of how to find the right financial institution for each. Medical Factoring Wears Many Hats First we can begin with an easily understandable type of medical practice called “dentistry.” Dentists bill the typically recognizable insurance carriers that are associated with healthcare plans and payments. … [Read more...]

The Financial Professional’s Vocabulary

It's time for factoring professionals to consider, "What's in your vocabulary?" All of us get caught up in linguistic shorthand that apparently works well between financial professionals in the factoring business but very often becomes a usual and customary part of our parlance. When we talk we have choices of words, phrases and nuances that are available at that time. It is a common mistake (in my view) to use the same choices for all listeners. It is with this in mind that we look at how we use words. Factoring Financial Transactions (Not Deals) My first complaint is with the term “deal.” If one looks through my articles, underwriting notes and comments you can see that I noticeably avoid that word. … [Read more...]

IRS Issues Do Not Kill All Factoring Transactions

Factors rely on the accounts receivable for collateral against their funding activities. That is a non-negotiable item for most of us and will NEVER be compromised. So, what does that mean? Very clearly, the receivables must be free of any lien, levy, or claim by any financial institution, court or individual resulting in the factor’s not being able to … [Read more...]

Common Objections Encountered From Invoice Factoring Prospects

Although invoice factoring has become a bit more apparent in business finance today, misunderstandings, fears and objections are still quite common. Being prepared to hear and address objections or questions is the most professional approach to these encounters. Fortunately, the issues discussed herein are the most common concerns expressed by prospects and from my experience in both commercial and healthcare factoring will arise in almost all presentations or conference calls. … [Read more...]

Building A Factoring Broker Business? Bigger is Not Always Better!

In my very first sales experience, my book of business was compared to a bathtub half full with water. Additionally, I was told that this bath tub had no plug in the drain, so water was continually escaping from it. The riddle was finally completed with the question, "How therefore can you maintain water in half the tub with the constant outflow of water?" … [Read more...]

Factoring Medical Receivables – Where are the Needs and Opportunities?

Have you ever known of a situation in which the Federal Government intervened in an industry through regulation or in any other way, and as a result of such intervention, the industry became more efficient? If you can’t think of any off hand it’s because it hasn’t happened. The most recent example of such inefficiency has been the … [Read more...]

Fred Leder

Fred Leder began his career as a factoring consultant (DCFS) in 1995. As a successful broker, he was identified by Sun Capital and was hired in 2000 as a business development officer. Today as the VP of Business Development for Sun Capital Inc and Sun Capital Healthcare, Inc. his responsibilities are to continue to prospect for new business and to interface with and train new (or seasoned) consultants. Fred was a visiting instructor for The American Cash Flow Institute for over 5 years and has lectured at numerous Cash Flow industry conventions discussing everything from marketing techniques to the details of medical and government factoring. Fred has also lectured at medical and financial industry events such as Medtrade, HFMA, … [Read more...]