Factoring Brokers Unite!

Factoring Brokers MarketingWe have all heard the expression that “half of something is better than all of nothing.” Along with that as a “given,” let’s also realize that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. The combination of these two statements leads us to a discussion on how and why factoring brokers can join forces with others.

Many financial consultants have contacted us asking about ideas for marketing their factoring businesses. Of course, we provide as much help to our brokers as we can so we go through the entire litany of ideas and strategies. All aspects are discussed and responses generally vary.

We’ve heard “No, I don’t like networking events because I’m shy.”

Another common response is “I do not do phone cold calls.”

Still another one is “I can’t give presentations because I get nervous standing in front of a group.”

The question begging to be asked is “What do you like to do?” The answers vary, indicating that we all like certain marketing strategies and these “likes” differ from person to person.

Making the assumption that, due to our “likes and dislikes,” we will not perform about half of the available strategies, our marketing results are half as productive as it could be. Assuming we are very aggressive and we do sixty percent of the marketing strategies, we are still one third less productive than we could be. The path is clear that we can be doing more to build our business.

How Factoring Brokers Can Unite Marketing Efforts

Meeting with other factoring brokers in your geographic area and discussing marketing strategies can be the pathway to more productivity. The benefits are both obvious and perhaps elusive.

Working with others who have different skill sets/strengths certainly opens up new avenues of business opportunities. If you select a partner that likes to perform the marketing tasks that you do not, your productivity geometrically increases. Each of you can go out and market in the way best suited for each individual knowing that there are additional efforts happening simultaneously. Also realize that with a business partnership you will no doubt be sharing the increased income, but you will also be sharing the cost of the marketing efforts as well. You can structure your revenue sharing fairly and creatively based on mutual agreement. Additionally, two individuals marketing for the same business increases your name recognition and branding. These efforts add to the success of the campaigns being executed (one of those “elusive” benefits referred to above).

The Course For Factoring Brokers From Here Is Clear:

  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses regarding marketing strategies
  • Find others nearby who could fill the gap created by your known weaknesses
  • Build a business plan focusing on performing those tasks that each of you like
  • Work together to brand a name recognition for one common business entity through each of your efforts
  • Share the costs and the profits based on the business agreement you’ve created
  • Approach each day with a new excitement as each of you does his/her best to build business
  • Plan the work and work the plan

To summarize, “half of something is better that all of nothing.” Using a united marketing effort makes each partner the completion of the other.
Fred Leder Factoring With Xynergy CapitalAbout Fred Leder: Xynergy Healthcare Capital LLC is an industry specific finance company located in south Florida, with nationwide clients and referral sources.

For more information contact Fred Leder at (954) 519 2376 or by email at fleder@xynergycapital.com. You can also visit the company website at xynergycapital.com.

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