How I Sell. My Preferred Factoring Sales Technique

Selling factoring services can be very challenging, especially in this environment where there is very strong competition. Not only do you have to help clients determine if factoring is right for them, you also have to show them how your solution is better for them that everyone else’s. This may sound simple, but selling factoring services in this market is very difficult. It’s a crowded market with every factoring company promoting their benefits. You can expect that most prospects will be talking to four or five different factors. One simple approach is to match what they are saying. But if you do that, you become a “me too!” factoring provider that will only get average results. So, how do you break through that barrier? How do … [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Consider Factoring Your Invoices

Anyone that runs a business on a day-to-day basis understands the need for continual cash flow. It is the lifeblood of business. The natural ebb and flow of business income can make some weeks a [financial] breeze while others may have you questioning whether you can make payroll the following week. With banks continually tightening the belt, many savvy business owners are turning to alternative means when it comes to generating a consistent cash flow. Here are five reasons to consider Invoice Factoring as your legitimate solution: … [Read more...]

Factoring Medical Billing Companies – Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of questions can come up when a business owner starts researching medical billing funding solutions - the idea of selling their invoices to a factor or medical billing funding agency. This article addresses some of the more frequently asked questions … [Read more...]

Pawning for Payroll? Try Factoring Invoices Instead!

Looking for further proof small businesses are in need of alternative financing options like factoring? The ongoing credit squeeze has companies turning to an unlikely lender…the pawnshop! Many pawnshops are reporting that over half their customers are now … [Read more...]

Comparing Factoring Companies

Whether you are looking to sell invoices you own or you have a client that is considering factoring, choosing the right Factoring Company to fund your deals can be challenging. Here are key items to consider when... … [Read more...]

Medical Billing Companies Increase Cash Flow Through Factoring

While the public's confidence on the economy continues to spiral downward, the demand for health care in this country continues to grow. According to the National Coalition on Health Care, the U.S. spent approximately 17% of its GDP in 2008 on health care costs. That percentage is expected to jump to 20% by 2017. … [Read more...]

Free Webinar For Business Owners

*****Webinar Completed...stay tuned for another!**** Free Webinar - "Creating Positive Cash Flow - When the Bank says No!" When: January 29, 9:00pm - 10:00pm (EST) Two words: Cash Flow. In these economic times it is not only survival of the fittest, it is also survival of the smartest. Cash Flow is your lifeblood. It can be the difference of making payroll or even keeping the lights on; and your bank may not be much help in 2009. Fortunately there are realistic alternatives … [Read more...]