Back By Popular Demand – Factoring Webinar!

You asked for it and we got it! We have received a number of requests to rebroadcast the Attraction Marketing Webinar presented by Michael Ponomarew last month. … [Read more...]

Why Yahoo Hot Jobs Names Factoring Broker as a Top 10 Profession for 2009!

A Factor you say! A what? Didn't you study those in algebra? While this career is fairly foreign to most folks, it is quickly becoming a very "Hot" opportunity, since bank loans are hard to come by. … [Read more...]

Free Webinar For Business Owners

*****Webinar Completed...stay tuned for another!**** Free Webinar - "Creating Positive Cash Flow - When the Bank says No!" When: January 29, 9:00pm - 10:00pm (EST) Two words: Cash Flow. In these economic times it is not only survival of the fittest, it is also survival of the smartest. Cash Flow is your lifeblood. It can be the difference of making payroll or even keeping the lights on; and your bank may not be much help in 2009. Fortunately there are realistic alternatives … [Read more...]

FactoringInvestor is presenting a FREE Factoring Webinar..

**Second Consultant Webinar Completed - Stay Tuned for more info!** Factoring has always been big business and with the recent economy challenges it is being utilized now more than ever. Want to know about Factoring and how you can profit from it? Want to know what marketing methods work and what methods not to bother with? Want to know how to jump start your business and stabilize your income? This FREE 60 minute webinar will contain the most important information you will need in taking advantage of the credit crunched economy! … [Read more...]