A Word of Caution for Factoring Brokers

A word of “Caution” - don't get stuck with your head in the sand! I promised to share a special note of caution. That message begins with telling you 1 in 3 Americans are obese and nine in 10 Americans say … [Read more...]

TFI Launches January 3, 2011

With the holiday season in full swing and the New Year just around the corner, 2010 will end going down in history as a year small business would like to forget. The more things seemed to change the more they stayed the same. The reality is the credit crisis continued to inhibit growth due to the record bank declines. Traditional forms of financing have become an anomaly to cash flowing small business. With all the uncertainty, looming for 2011 the Factoring Industry remains strong, recession proof and has become the financing tool of choice. "TFI” is launching January 3rd, 2011 and with over 100 years of Industry experience “TFI” is poised to revolutionize the Factoring Industry and help small business…more to come! … [Read more...]

Factoring Taps Into The Social Media Revolution

When it comes to Marketing there are many theories. With so many strategies what should you do to attract Factoring prospects? To receive your answer, you must learn to observe the way people are communicating with each other in 2K10. … [Read more...]

5 Keys to Factor Marketing Success!

Successful Factoring Consultants utilize a marketing plan to stay focused and on track in developing business. Here are 5 essential keys to building an effective targeted marketing plan, … [Read more...]

Take Aim With Factor Marketing!

"IF YOU AIM AT NOTHING YOU WILL HIT IT!" What an interesting phrase but how does it relate to the Factoring Industry? Many Factoring Consultants exhaust their marketing efforts with a shotgun approach, never aiming or directing a Target marketed message to a Target marketed audience. Unfortunately, these individuals end up creating a lot of activity but not being very productive. … [Read more...]

Referral Sources Produce Qualified Leads!

In order to become a successful Consultant in the Factoring industry, you have to consistently Find your Prospects, Expose your Prospects to you the Consultant, Educate the Prospects about the services you provide and WIFT (What is in it for them) or why should they do business with you? … [Read more...]

FactoringInvestor is presenting a FREE Factoring Webinar..

**Second Consultant Webinar Completed - Stay Tuned for more info!** Factoring has always been big business and with the recent economy challenges it is being utilized now more than ever. Want to know about Factoring and how you can profit from it? Want to know what marketing methods work and what methods not to bother with? Want to know how to jump start your business and stabilize your income? This FREE 60 minute webinar will contain the most important information you will need in taking advantage of the credit crunched economy! … [Read more...]

Understanding the FEES Principal to Closing Factoring Deals!

One of the most important things I learned early on in my consulting career is in order to generate revenue, commissions, fees you have to be able to follow the "FEES" Principal on the road to closing deals. … [Read more...]

Mike Ponomarew

Michael Ponomarew brings with him more than 24 years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and business management. He has established and assisted in vending three other businesses. He currently owns one other company. He started in the factoring industry in 1999 as a consultant, which led to becoming a funding source in 2002. Mike currently serves as the Director of North American operations for Millennium Funding. Millennium has factored hundreds of clients and each year manages in excess of $150 million in accounts receivable. Drawing on his experience as a consultant and a funding source, his responsibilities include training and coaching consultants, first and second stage underwriting and is one of the primary liaisons on … [Read more...]