Factoring Taps Into The Social Media Revolution

When it comes to Marketing there are many theories. With so many strategies what should you do to attract Factoring prospects?

To receive your answer, you must learn to observe the way people are communicating with each other in 2K10. You must also realize that we are living in a revolution in the way people find products, find services and choose companies to do business with.

In 2K10 practically all of us turn to the Web to research information before making a buying decision.

Am I right?

Ask yourself, “How many times over the last week did I use Google to search for some information?”

Learning to Harness the Power of the Internet and taking advantage of the Social Media rage has become main stream marketing – if you are not on it you are slowly being left behind.

Ten years ago marketing was judged by the size of your wallet. Today it is about creating reach and learning how to communicate effectively with the masses.

Note I said effectively. To be successful and grow your business, you must match the way you market your services with the way your prospects are choosing to learn about and shop for Factoring.

You may not know this but, your prospects and referral sources are hanging out at public watering holes like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Your prospects are being attracted to creative landing pages that expose and educate them about “WIIFT” or What’s In It For Them!

Blogs are quickly replacing Websites as a source for information and more and more prospects are participating in webinars vs. live appointments. Social Media creates the opportunity for you to engage with your prospect and build credibility.

People have become marketing resistant and you need to think of ways to stop interrupting your prospects and get found or attract them to you.


By sharing content and giving – giving information. Educating your prospect about what you do, the services you provide and how you can help them today is what it is all about.

Direct mail is not gone but, it has to create curiosity. It has to create an opportunity for the prospect to engage and learn about “WIIFT”.

This is extremely important and I want you to think about what you are about to read…

If you understand what I am trying to tell you, you are going to be on your way to taking advantage of the Social Media revolution. Your prospects will find you if you learn to write about something worth reading, saying something that is worth listening to or doing something worth writing about.

This can be achieved by dedicating your time to learn how Harness the Power of the Internet through landing pages, social media, blogs, webinars.

Keep It Simple – Keep It Creative!

Create messages that you can produce and spread at great REACH of Speed. Go for it – it’s fun and simple!

About the Author: Michael Ponomarew brings with him more than 24 years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and business management. Mike can be reached at mikep@millenniumfunding.com or by calling 888.652.8298 ext. 45.

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