How to Finance a Demolition Company With Construction Factoring

Getting financing for a company in the construction industry is very difficult. In general, lending institutions are not comfortable providing business financing to small or midsized construction subcontractors. Demolition companies often have additional problems getting funded because many institutional lenders view them as riskier - due to the perception that they are often the first ones to do work on a site, but the last ones to get paid. The biggest cash flow problem Demolition companies, like most subcontractors, don’t get paid as soon as they complete their work. Rather, their contracts demand that the provide payment terms to the general contractor. These terms often give the GC up to 60 days to pay. Many general contractors, who … [Read more...]

How I Sell. My Preferred Factoring Sales Technique

Selling factoring services can be very challenging, especially in this environment where there is very strong competition. Not only do you have to help clients determine if factoring is right for them, you also have to show them how your solution is better for them that everyone else’s. This may sound simple, but selling factoring services in this market is very difficult. It’s a crowded market with every factoring company promoting their benefits. You can expect that most prospects will be talking to four or five different factors. One simple approach is to match what they are saying. But if you do that, you become a “me too!” factoring provider that will only get average results. So, how do you break through that barrier? How do … [Read more...]

Private Duty: When Healthcare Factoring Isn’t Really Healthcare Factoring

A look at why factoring services for private duty care and home healthcare are dramatically different in this article from PRN Funding. Home care recipients enjoy the many benefits of care in the comfort of their own homes. It’s easier for family members to be involved in the patient’s treatment and care, and being at home allows patients to minimize the stress of a sudden dramatic change in environment. A practical and financially savvy solution to shifting … [Read more...]

Factoring: Is It Always About the Account Debtor?

We all know that factoring has been around for ages and due to the recent changes in the economy its popularity has increased dramatically. With financial institutions constricting credit to businesses, the increased demand for cash flow has created an opportunity for the asset based lending industry especially for … [Read more...]

Directory of Factoring Companies and Service Providers – All New 2013 Edition

Sometimes it is not only what you know, but who you know. Knowing the right contacts not only makes things easier, it can make you more money. Gain access to our personal Rolodex of experienced factoring funders that took years to develop. Work direct with knowledgeable investors, educators, and mentors. Grab your copy of the 2012 Factoring Directory today! Order Now in PDF format for only $29.96 (25% Off $39.95 Retail Price) Business owners and factoring brokers will gain instant access to: … [Read more...]

Factoring Taps Into The Social Media Revolution

When it comes to Marketing there are many theories. With so many strategies what should you do to attract Factoring prospects? To receive your answer, you must learn to observe the way people are communicating with each other in 2K10. … [Read more...]

BP Oil Spills Into Factoring Services

The gulf oil leak is showing up in some unexpected areas, including the accounts receivable factoring industry. … [Read more...]

When Do Factoring Brokers Get Paid?

Brokers and consultants earn lucrative and reoccurring commissions for the referral of business owners that use accounts receivable financing services. But when are these factoring commissions paid? … [Read more...]

7 Questions for Factoring Business Networking

Networking through professional groups is a time proven way to develop factoring clients. But what do you say to complete strangers? It’s actually pretty simple to keep the conversation rolling if you use these seven questions. … [Read more...]

Investor Spotlight: Working With AAA Factoring Group

AAA Factoring Group works with businesses and cash flow brokers to provide accounts receivable financing. Factoring Investor (FI) asked Duane Marchant, founder and president, to share some information on working with his company. … [Read more...]