Marketing Ideas for Factoring Brokers – Book Review

Do you ever wish someone would hand you a blue print for finding business? If you are like most factoring brokers you may wonder: “Which marketing methods are most effective?” “Which are a waste of time and money?” … [Read more...]

Advertise With Factoring Investor!

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Marketing Tools For Small Factors & Consultants – A Hands-On Guide to Methods That Work

What are the most effective marketing methods to find new factoring clients? This is a vital question confronting all factors and factoring consultants, especially those new to the business. Yet surprisingly little is written to answer such a key issue. This book shows which tools work (and which haven't worked) for seven professionals in the industry. You Will Discover: The most effective methods which have the lowest cost - or no cost at all. Methods too often used by newcomers which are quite expensive and generate very little (if any) business. How to define your "choice client" then identify and zero in on that audience. Specific advice about what to do (and what not to do) as you get started. Unique methods not often … [Read more...]

Factor Marketing – 5 Proven Referral Sources

A factoring broker has excellent earning potential referring business to factoring companies for accounts receivable funding. But before there are commissions there must first be prospects, which all stems from active marketing. Successful factoring brokers continually turn to referral based marketing as a key component of an effective marketing plan.   Consider these five proven performers when developing factoring referral business: … [Read more...]

Factor Marketing – Perfecting the Elevator Speech

Quick! Tell me what you do in two to three sentences. The elevator speech is a cornerstone marketing component for developing accounts receivable factoring clients. Like with most businesses, the elevator speech is a brief commercial describing your services that can be used when contacting customers in person or by phone. Here are five key elements of any successful elevator speech: Personal and Business Name Services Offered Who benefits What's In It For Them (WIFT) Duration of 30 seconds or less This introduction assumes there is a limited amount of time, like an elevator ride, to describe what you can offer. When putting the components together, a factoring consultant elevator speech might sound like the following … [Read more...]

5 Keys to Factor Marketing Success!

Successful Factoring Consultants utilize a marketing plan to stay focused and on track in developing business. Here are 5 essential keys to building an effective targeted marketing plan, … [Read more...]

Take Aim With Factor Marketing!

"IF YOU AIM AT NOTHING YOU WILL HIT IT!" What an interesting phrase but how does it relate to the Factoring Industry? Many Factoring Consultants exhaust their marketing efforts with a shotgun approach, never aiming or directing a Target marketed message to a Target marketed audience. Unfortunately, these individuals end up creating a lot of activity but not being very productive. … [Read more...]